Homeland Security Wireless Day/Night Camera Kit – 2 Pack

not bad

sold out

lol! already sold out

Crap. I wanted one.

What, did they have only one??

that sold out in like 5 seconds must have only had 1 for sale lol

faster than a BOC

WHy does the stuff I want sell out in 3 seconds before I can even refresh and click the button?


It would be covered with snow today and worthless in Colorado!

Agree. I wanted one too.

Not bad sellout time for something that appears to be missing the AC adapters for the cameras themselves…

Must’ve. Too bad. Finally something fun.

I believe the wireless security cameras on the 2.4ghz spectrum will mess with cordless phones and wireless routers, and the picture may not be clear sometimes on the transmitted video.

I know I would have bought one if they’d lasted more than 20 seconds.

Damn, I wanted one!
No snow here.

They had 3.


I would have loved this. Is there a way to be notified via email when a product is listed?