Homelite 16" Electric Chainsaw

Got the 14" one a couple years ago. It leaks oil like crazy after just one use. I do not recommend this refurbished chainsaw at all.

My guess it was the automatic oiler that leaked after a while. I wonder if a good cleaning after each use would have avoided that problem. For $50 bucks seems like not a bad investment. I have a small Ryobe battery one that works great, except the battery does not last long enough, so I use multiple. But years back, I’m talking over 20, I used a corded saw to fell a huge tree in my front yard. I’m considering this. I like electric, not as noisy as gas. My gas saw went for repair, $220 to fix leak in compression. NO thanks.

the dude said after one use?

Well, this was refurbished by the manufacturer not some third party that doesn’t know what they are doing. Plus it has a 1 year warranty. Not bad for refurbished. Most refurbished items have a 30/90 day warranty. They must have some major confidence that they have fixed any issue with this.