Homelite 16" Electric Chainsaw

**Item: **Homelite 16" Electric Chainsaw
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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7/4/2013 - $39.99 - 19 comment(s)

Here are some good reviews from VM Innovations and Amazon

Watch this in action [youtube=2_uyF3l3eOE][/youtube]

My dad used to own a Homelite electric chainsaw- he once dropped it nearly 100 feet out of a tree, and other than a cracked case, it continued to work. That thing was a real workhorse.


Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at cpooutlets.com

Let’s learn more about vminnovations

Typical powerhead on a gas chain saw (without bar or chain) weighs 11 or 12 lbs. So this is quite a bit lighter, which helps a lot especially if you are cutting above ground level.

They claim a maximum tree diameter of 32 inches in the specs. No way. Maybe 12 inches. Maybe.

At least you can remove that silly nose guard on the bar by just unbolting it.

This is a darn good price for an electric chain saw.

I haven’t seen a tool less chain tensioner that would hold adjustment. If this one does it would be the first. I suspect it doesn’t, which means you don’t need a tool but you will be constantly retensioning the chain because the little adjuster knob can’t hold the bar tightly enough. That’s why real chain saws have two big nuts that you crank down tight with a wrench after you tension the chain.

Considering the price and how useful this would be around the house (100 feet goes pretty far) I think it’s a pretty attractive buy.

I read all the reviews on Amazon and they are mixed. Some people were happy with it, others not. Quite a few comments about using a lot of bar oil, a small oil tank, and leaking oil. So you have to empty the oil tank after every use. No big deal. It sounds like it empties itself pretty quickly anyway.

Some reviews said the refurb was like new. Others said it was broken right out of the box, with stripped gears or missing/broken parts. One said that it came with the wrong length chain. Another said the chain was used and dull.

The saw uses a plastic gear to turn the chain. So plan on the gear stripping out eventually, probably pretty soon if you try cutting hard wood. Even my little 7 inch cordless chain pruner uses a metal drive gear.

If you buy this same refurb from Amazon for $7 more, you get a 60 day return policy. Woot hates returns, so it might be worth the extra $7 considering the mixed reviews.

Homelite is a durable brand and I’ve found nothing but reliability with them…be it electric of gas. I’ve owned a gas Homelite 18" for about 18 years and it’s still running. The electrics are even more durable than the gas chainsaws. At this price ($39) you can’t go wrong! Love these Homelites!

I have two Homelite gas chainsaws, I like their products. I have another brand electric that works fine but a new chain costs close to $20 so may buy one of these, for an extra $20 I’ll have a backup.

Limit 5!

Now I can build a giant robotic hand with chainsaws for finger tips.

No kid will dare try to visit my house twice on Halloween!

Damn! Foiled by reality again. All of the outlets on the porch are on the same 15 amp circuit. The second I turn on the second 12 amp chainsaw, the breaker is going to blow.

These are horrible for juggling! The cords keep getting tangled.

Gasoline FTW!

Great for scaring the neighborhood kids on Halloween!

(At least until the extension cord pulls out of the wall.)

Homelite was a good, durable brand. But that was before they started building them in china…

Bad idea. Terrible idea. People using a small electric are possibly not all that experienced with chainsaws. Leave the noseguard in place - this saw is not designed for the type of cutting which would require its removal.

That guard is there to prevent kickback. Run a guardless chainsaw tip into the material you’re cutting and the saw will “kickback”. The speed and force of a kickback can be deadly. All of a sudden the bar comes right up at your face or shoulder like a mule kicked it. Does the chain stop in the split second before it impacts your face? Maybe. So yeah, leave that guard on there :smiley:

bought the woot 7/4/13 saw, it was a used saw, main sprocket was metal but worn, chain dull, oily cover, bar was quite worn. maybe worth $40 but i sent it back. woot immediately issued RMA, sent a return label via a webpage.

i’ve used these saws before and they work much better than i expected, i used to use gas saws doing log homes and firewood when i was young, for light duty like fallen trees or overhead on small stuff they are great, very light and they always start.

but beware, it may be a used saw. also very poorly packaged, basically thrown in box.
it took a month to get it, but that was fedex home delivery who would not walk thru our office door, not woot’s fault.

buyer beware. i wish i had one but i won’t take another chance.


Bought this at Home Depot a few weeks ago for a bit more. I’ve only used them for small trees a few inches in diameter so far but it cut through them quickly and smoothly. Some safety tips if you use it: Make sure power line is out of the way and what you are cutting is secured so as not to move around during cutting.

That would be cool if SawStop made a chainsaw that wouldn’t cut you.

Have fun readjusting the chain when it continuously falls off!

Good saw none the less but for this price I would just buy new.

Thanks,good information was ready to buy but will now pass.

I think I received the one you sent back to woot. Apparently refurbished means a complete piece of crap. Oily, dull chain, protective shield chewed up.

Sometimes you learn your lesson the hard way. :frowning: