Homelite 42cc 16-Inch Gas Chain Saw

Additional info, pictures and reviews can be found over at vminnovations.com

Specs tab says 40:1 gas/oil mixture but the actual gas cap in the picture says 50:1

Specs states 40:1 ratio on gas/oil mixture. Gas cap in pic displays 50:1 gas/oil ratio. Which one is it? Think I’ll go with the 50:1 ratio. No wonder they’re getting reconditioned so often. Woot’s specs are frying them.

Glad to see someone else looks at the fine details of the pics also. He has quicker typing fingers than me.

I’ll see what I can find out and post an update. Thanks for posting!

UPDATE The picture is correct, the ratio is 50:1. The specs should be updated momentarily.

YES! Now I’ll be ready for the zombie apocolypse!

any extended warranty available?

does it come with new chain on saw or is assembly required?

Um, 40:1 is greater than 50:1… Not sure what else to say here. If you don’t get it than do yourself a favor and don’t purchase a 2 stroke saw.
On a more important note, why is woot misprinting so many specs and info in general lately? Seems pretty simple to practically cut and paste it in.

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The gas/oil mixture ratio will vary depending on the brand of 2 stroke oil used, the engines on these little chainsaws are all pretty much the same and you should go by what the bottle of oil says.
If you need to know if it’s assembled or not, you don’t want a chainsaw. You’ll be assembling and disassembling the thing many times, until you can do it in your sleep.
Chainsaws by their nature are high maintenance items, especially the little cheap ones like this. For $69, plan on cutting twigs, not felling trees.
Oh, and I just noticed, in the photographs the chain is installed backwards. Won’t cut very well like that. Chainsaws are not hedge clippers. You need to know how they work, what the different parts do, how to troubleshoot and maintain, and how to cut safely.

Um, ienvyno1 never said or even implied about which was greater. Besides, 40:1 is only greater than 50:1 in terms of how much oil you need to add to a specified amount of gas. It is LESS in terms of how much gas you need to add to a specified amount of oil. If you don’t get it then do yourself a favor… well, you know the rest.

To explain for those who are oil/gas mixed challenged:
40 parts of Fuel to 1 Part Oil compared with 50 Parts Fuel to 1 Part Oil.
When you increase the mix ratio you reduce the amount of oil mixed in the gas, this makes your engine run richer. You will have “more” gas and “less” oil going through your carburetor at any given time.
The same holds true when you decrease the mix ratio, you increase the amount of oil mixed in the gas. Increasing the amount of oil will make your engine run leaner. If you add too much oil you could run the risk of engine damage if you don’t adjust the carburetor settings accordingly to adjust for the leaner mixture.
The selected oil ratio should be determined by the oil migration time through your 2-cycle
engine for your particular application.

So the moral of the story is to use 50:1 which is printed on the gas cap, and don’t rely on what you read on the Internet; it is not all true. But some of what you read is, like what you just read about oil/gas mix.

Homelite lists the model ZR10568 as 38cc. Your posting says 42cc. It’s only 4cc’s right? Wrong… that’s 10% less engine displacement. Ten percent in an engine this small can be significant.

the chain is on back words in the second to last pic

“Quicker typing fingers than I” because you’re comparing his typing fingers to your typing fingers not to you.

Does anyone know how easily this thing cleans up? Just need to make sure I get all of the blood, er, residue off this thing.

I need a chainsaw to cut overhanging branches and saplings growing in the wrong spot. This should do that right?

I always thought it was the opposite: too much oil would be “rich” and too little oil would be “lean”.
These terms normally apply to the fuel/air mixture (too much fuel = rich, too little fuel = lean), so I’m not sure it’s even relevant.