Homelite 42cc Gas Chain Saws - Your Choice

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You have nothing to fear!! I always call it the way I see it…and sometimes what I say does not help the sales of the item. This is why Woot provides this forum, which I believe is a smart thing for Woot to do.

I own one of the 14" Homelite chainsaws, bought it new at HD (moral of the story, don’t take your wife when you go shopping for tools or you end up with the cheapest out there). It’s run just fine for a few years now. I’d recommend taking off the silly kickback attachment on the tip of the bar, it takes an already short saw and makes it useless for anything more than small branches.

The tension adjuster is easy to work and doesn’t require tools, it’s just a dial on the side. It keeps the tension you set decently too, I’ve never noticed mine creeping while in use.

The only beef I have with the 14" is that it’s only 14". There really isn’t much to work with, so if you plan to use it for cutting down bigger trees be prepared to work. I’ve used mine to get through an 18"-20" trunk but it wasn’t easy. Power hasn’t been an issue as long as the chain is sharp, and I don’t do much for maintenance besides keeping fresh gas in it and occasionally cleaning out the bar oil / sawdust pulp that gets everywhere.

At this price you could certainly do worse, I’d pick up the 18" if I had a need but I’ve cut down all the annoying trees on the property already.

Bought a Homelite the last time offered on Woot a few weeks ago. Came without a chain or saw attachment. Kinda hard to use a chainsaw without those. Contacted Woot support and they contacted the vendor twice with no response. I’d say “boo” to the customer service offered by Homelite.

You can’t really compare the new Homelite chains saws to the ones from years ago. I had a homelite I bought about 20 years ago to replace a horrible Stihl chainsaw (worst chainsaw I ever owned, despite how many people seem to think they are great). I used it for about 8 years, then had to replace the disposable motor, and shortly after that the automatic oiler went out and I paid to have that repaired, but it was a waste of money because it never worked right again. During its lifetime the company got sold to John Deere, and from then on you could no longer get them repaired at Farm and Fleet or other places with repair shops, you had to take it to John Deere, and that is where I got the substandard and overpriced repair of the oiler, done by nitwits who could not fix the problem. So with the repairs I probably paid for the saw twice, and I wish I had just junked it. It was not the quality of the older homelites, and after the company was sold off, you really aren’t buying the old Homelite brand anymore. Sort of like the Polaroid name meaning nothing anymore. I ended up buying a Poulan Pro, despite my impression that they were disposable chainsaws. But that has been running okay for more than 7 years and I bought a second one for the cabin. Some stuff has cracked and become crappy, but my opinion of the Poulan Pro chainsaws has improved. I heat my house exclusively with wood and I’ve cut many cords with those. I recently bought a Hitachi Koki 14" chainsaw on sale for $75 because I wanted something lighter to use on small trees and brush, and that has been a dandy saw. Anyway, be careful about generalizing about name brands. My Stihl was a horrible saw that took constant tinkering. My old homelite, bought on advice from others who had older homelites, was so-so but because the brand got sold off, it was a service nightmare. And Poulan, that I thought would be junk in a couple years, has proved to be quite durable. And the hitachi, that bought on a whim not knowing anything about them, has been a real gem.

You’ve gone through a lot of chainsaws…

Though it’s not specified, I was wondering if a molded case is included with these? Never hurts to ask…


I just emailed the buyer to confirm. I’ll update you when I have an answer. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry :/. I can let the buyer know that it would be useful info to include in any future sales.

Hmm, the warranty at this link is probably for new unit and the safety is for generators. Not too useful for a chainsaw that is refurbished.