HomeRight Velocity Waxer

**Item: **HomeRight Velocity Waxer
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Reviews on a Slightly different but very similar model

If two out of 5 stars is what you’re after, might as well go for this one.


Anyone know how good the battery on this is?

The battery is okay but easily beat by a machine with a lithium ion battery. The lithium battery lasts longer, delivers more “juice” and has no memory. The catch is that the lithium-ion battery, while newer and better, is a LOT more expensive. This would not keep me from giving this tool a hardy nod. For a cordless tool, this is a good price.

The battery pack looks a lot like my Ryobi 18v packs. These just might be compatible.

And I just got the lithium 2pack (with drill and impact) that was on Deals Woot!

I don’t know about other parts of the country, but here in Texas I have a very difficult time finding any nature of 10" pad for my buffer. If you go with a 10", like this one, I recommend purchasing a good quantity of 10" pads online to have in “inventory”. Most of the auto stores here only supply 7" pads.

Here in Georgia, all I can find is 10". I bought the 3M car restoration kit from Woot a month ago and it was for a 6". I had 3 10" pads that a Delta mechanic gave me, they use 10".

There’s a lot on ebay

For all of you athletes out there, these are amazing for buffing out your aching muscles! It may sound crazy, but it is like a DIY sports massage and is much more effective (and easier) than using a foam roller, especially for the upper body (pecs, biceps, anterior shoulders). Random orbital ones work best, and I believe this one fits that bill.

Heck, based on the poor reviews over at the big A, it may be better suited for this purpose…but maybe don’t fill the wax reservoir…unless, of course, you are getting ready for a bodybuilding competition, heh!

that’s what i was thinking. Can anyone who has this, AND ryobi one+ tools confirm?

Would I be able to use this for bikini waxing?

This is what the auto detailing world calls a “wax spreader”. It won’t be able to do any paint correction or eliminate any swirls. So those hoping to use this to restore some paint using the 3M side deal will be disappointed. It’s sole purpose is spreading a thin layer of liquid wax onto paint.