HomeSource Microcotton Towel Set

Aw, c’mon! Eleven minutes in and ‘steel’ is already gone? ;_;

Yeah, we had very limited quantities of that color. Looks like it was just remaining stock.

The other colors look nice too!

Anyone have these? Are they soft and thick?

Been waiting for these to come back since I bought my 1st set in November, only “Chocolate” was left by the time I got around to ordering. I finally was able to grab the “bamboo” color I originally wanted! These towels are AMAZING!

Yes to both of your questions.

I always get excited when I see these on Woot, but there’s never a bath sheet, so I go away sad. I like 'em big.

You know, I bought a great set of towels from Woot a few months ago. I thought they were the same but mine say Aertex, not Homesource. Specs look the same but I’m not getting out a tape measure. Has the name been changed? They’re nice and soft and thick.

I looked up my order for last July and the Order says Homesource but what I received was Aertex. Mods , are these the same towels?

These towels look precisely like the ones I bought back in 2005. The pattern is identical. The tag on mine say, “Exclusively for Fortunoff” (which is where I bought them). Mine are also made in India.

If they are indeed the same, I own the Bamboo collection. I love these towels. Plush, absorbent and the bath towel is plenty big (I’m 5’10") to dry me off. No complaints at all, even 7 1/2 years later and they’re still going strong.


I got these towels via Woot in December 2011. Despite the many (very) good reviews people have posted, I was unfortunately quite disappointed with them. They’re better than the ‘Grand Patrician’ towels I’ve had for over a decade, but if you’re looking for something a fair bit above average, I can’t recommend these. They’re not nearly as plush or soft as they appear in the pictures and, more importantly, they don’t do a very good job drying.

Now I just keep these towels as back-ups, and I’ve returned to the Calvin Klein towels I’ve had for about 7 years which are superior to these in virtually every respect. (I think the ones I have are these.)

The difference in the ‘pile’ of the towels makes the difference (the pile is the small loops of fabric that form the ‘hairy’ towel surface). The pile in the HomeSource towels is spaced out much further and is shorter such that you can easily see the base of the towel in between the pile. My CK towels have a much denser and longer pile, which seems to give them better absorbancy and plushness.

Also, here’s the thread from Nov 2012, and here’s the thread from July 2012 when these were also being sold.

Just took a look at the ones I ordered in 2011. The front of the tag says Aertex but the back says Home Source Intl. I’m guessing “Aertex” is just a branding thing.

I also got out my tape measure…they measure 29"x52", though they’re advertised as 30"x54". If I hold them stretched I could make them that big, but when I lay them down flat they’re not quite.

I looked these up on Amazon and two bath towels are $90. This is a great deal!

Get your color quick! These always go fast. Love these towels

Me, three!

I bought 3 of these towel sets when they were on Woot a few months back. The set is very soft and quite thick! I bought 2 white & 1 gold color set to put up in my wedding gifts closet. I have had 1 of the white sets monogrammed (cost of $10.00) to give to a couple at a Bridal Shower & they turned out absolutely beautiful! They really are very soft, thick & have a high quality luxurious feel to them. Obviously, I’ve not washed them or used them yet but hopefully they wash up well. I’m actually considering buying 3 more sets to put in my own linen closet as my existing towels are starting to look a bit worn. :slight_smile:

Bought 2 sets last time; once I got them, I wished I had bought a set of the Sea Ice. In for 1 set of Sea Ice this time! Very nice quality towels, and a bargain!


bought them last summer or whenever it was and they’re mediocre at best.

  • not as plush as I had anticipated, just slightly more so than the $12+ department store towels
  • more absorbent than those $12 towels
  • stitching has started coming apart / fraying in a few small places

Verdict? Overhyped

I bought a set on the last sale and enjoy them, they have a decent thickness to them and have held up well. They’re moderately soft, nothing incredibly luxurious, but they’re great for what you pay. I’m in for another set this go.

Ditto! Just had to add that I’m back for another set because my husband and I fight over who gets to use these since one of the two inevitably ends up in the wash. And the bath towels are plenty big,IMHO.