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Here it was before in many colors

Are these the same quality as I see here:

If so, looks like a good find…deal…thing.

A handful of very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

Wish list fulfilled…thank you for bringing back these towels…they are the best!!!

I want them. But the colors…I didn’t realize brown was so back. Feels like the 70’s in here.

There’s no choice close to the Royal Blue that I want, so I have to pass. Or I’d have to break out my lava lamp and my copy of Inna Gadda Da Vida…

Bought these last summer off woot. Like I’ve stated previously, these towels were underwhelming. They’re lightweight and absorbent, more so than a $12 department store towel, but that’s about it. Threads have started coming out of one towel and you can see the lines there the threads are missing.

People often post how these towels are super plush and all, but they aren’t, really. They’re decent, but nothing to crap your pants over. As I said, though, they do perform better than those towels typically found in department stores.

I totally disagree! They are super soft, plush, absorbant, and hold up terrifically. Softest cotton towels I’ve seen…only bamboo towels are softer. Love them!

I love these, and I think the price is great. I’ve noticed that they don’t leave a lot of lint in the dryer, even from the first wash. Their plush pile and absorbency are superior to the average towel. I’ve had my towels for a while now and haven’t seen threads coming loose after several launderings.

Wow, maybe I just got a bad set of towels, but I find that hard to believe. I am rather curious to see what some commenters consider to be plush when it comes to towels. My grandmother had some cotton towels that were truly plush, and these definitely weren’t it.

Now that I think about it, they are plush… when they first come out of the dryer. So I suppose they would always be plush for me if I sent them through a washer and dryer cycle every time I used them after a shower, but I don’t know anybody nutty enough to do that.

I’m in for a set of the 70s brown color,but hate having to pay for shipping and tax living just 1 mile from woot.Blah

I bought a set of these last time and they’re so soft and lovely, I’m buying more even though I kinda can’t spare the money. I haven’t had any problems with hanging loose threads, and they’re WAY nicer than anything you could get at Target or Walmart. Yeah, it’s not spa-quality, but for those of us who don’t live in the world of $1500 wristwatches, this is nice. I’m betting on these lasting us a loooooooooong time.

Do they have pictures of the various colors?

I bought these last round and I wish I would have bought another set for the guest bath. Hate to pay shipping again! Anyway, they are very soft and obsorbant. They don’t leave any lint on you and there is very little in the dryer vent. I have had no issues with loose threads or stitching. I wash and dry them about twice a week.

If it helps any, they’re not shipping from our warehouse. They’re either shipping from your closest FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouse or directly from the vendor.

Yes, if you click through to the sale’s detail page, you’ll see labeled photos of the various colors.

Thanks Thunder

This might sound dumb, but they are too soft for me. I like my towels slightly scratchy. If I can’t sell them on Ebay, I’ll give them to my sister.

Hang them outside on the line instead of running them through the dryer. That’ll achieve your goal.

I bought these when they were offered in October 2011. I would describe them as “seconds”. There were several snagged threads, and several places where the thread had been dropped during weaving, leaving a long hanging thread, and a bare strip in the towel. I feel they were misrepresented.