Homespun 4-piece 100% Cotton Bath Sheet

Homespun 4-piece 100% Cotton Bath Sheet

Wth is that first sentence in the description supposed to say?

Any insight as to shedding in the washer/dryer? Last batch of towels I bought from here shed lint so bad they will clog my dryer vent if I wash and dry more than one at a time :woozy_face:

It’s from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Honestly, what kind of literature do they even teach in schools these days?

I think I’ll buy 42 towels.

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$9.25 per towel + shipping…Uh…No!

These are bath sheets… Great price if they are decent… I have spent considerably more on just bath towel sizes


What size are theses? There are several sizes for Bath Sheets.

Yea I looked for the size dimensions for these and could not find any. I’d like to know before I consider ordering.

“* Set includes - Four Bath Sheets : 35 inches wide x 66 inches long”


Can’t find a review of any towels at any price on the Mothership where there isn’t someone howling about “the worst towels I’ve ever encountered in my entire existence!”