Homespun Global 24-pc Bath Towels Set: Choose Color

Homespun Global 24-pc Bath Towels Set: Choose Color


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Thanks for the link to Amazon. We bought there instead of Woot. It cost us more but, through Amazon, we give to the Wounded Warrior Project and it was worth it, to us, to spend the extra $20. Also, Amazon has a no-hassle return policy. I wish Woot would incorporate the charity option when signing in. How tough could it be?

As opposed to making the purchase here, then separately donating to WWF and claiming the tax deduction for yourself?


If you donate separately then you claim the tax deduction only if you file your taxes not with standard deduction, meaning you will have to have enough receipts that the IRS accepts to go over the standard deduction of $25100.00 for 2021 for joint filers.

check again on having to itemize. Both last year and this year the IRS is allowing up to $600 for individuals who to do itemize…

We’re retired. Don’t have too much of an income so we haven’t itemized for years.

Just read the IRS document.

Damn we could have used this last year but will take advantage of this for this filing. Thanks.

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  1. Fingertip Towels (12 inch x 18 inch).? Whatintheworld? Just larger wash cloths?

Got mine from Amazon yesterday. Not impressed with the weight/thckness. Sizes are good but they feel like you would be drying off with a kitchen towel. Haven’t actually used them yet, we are deciding whether to send them back on not to bother. We were going to use them specifically for “company” when they visit. It would surely keep them from staying too long. Ha ha!

Do we wash them first to see how badly they pill or just send them back? Certainly not a long term purchase.

Well, wife is washing them so I guess we are keeping them.


@dadrepus could have saved $20 here, and then donated $18 to WWP so that they get more money, and STILL have saved money.