Hometrend 5-Tealight Rail

$9.97 at Walmart! not a great deal with shipping!

It is if you buy more than one!

you can get these at your favorite wal-mart for $9.97 so you save .03

Saved me from an impulse buy haha =)

If you get 3, then it’s like buying one and getting two free, if you compare it to Wal Mart. Plus, that’s (up to) 3 gifts.

I should have read the comments first, butttt I did buy 2, so I feel like it was a good deal…

It is once you consider tax.

ok, not much savings but it’s still cheaper if you have sales tax added at Wally World.

I hope we all stopped and read the write-up. Hysterical!

Plus then you don’t actually have to GO to Walmart… which is something I avoid at all costs

Agreed. They mentioned the war once but I think they got away with it… Manuel!

Awesome write-up!

6.65 a piece for 3 of them, well my aunts for xmas are paid for :slight_smile:

At ALL costs!!!

Went for 3 for some presents.

In for 3, they will look nice in front of my mirror now that I just got new furniture.

Well, if we are using the $10 Walmart one as an example its actually buy 2 get 1 free. (5x3+5 v.s 10x3)

Hah, you gave me a QP, thanks Woot. I’ll show you where I’m talking about, I figured I’d use 3 to go in front of the mirror for a nice neat chain of tea lights. I just wish now I had bought some of the LED tea lights yesterday, don’t suppose you can toss some in for me? :slight_smile:

The picture quality is terrible. I’m going for a contemporary meets nature theme, as evidenced by my little copper leaf fountain that is more than just a blotch in the bottom right.


Anybody else getting racy stocking ads at the top of their page?