You had me at bacon. Wait, at Star Trek. Um, Sherlock…

Universe busting tag team tournament. Who wins?

It’s times like these I wish T-Shirts came with those legends they put on the inside cover of boxes of chocolates.

A geek shirt without who. Bravo sir for as much as I do love Dr Who it is nice to see somebody who refuses to take the easy way out and can come up with something different.

Would have bought it if it had Bill and Ted.

THE DUDE! His dudeness! Duderonomy?

I find myself unable to identify the right-most pair on both the second and third rows


Those are the ones that are stumping me also.

i believe the third row is bill nye and neil tyson

I would love it if someone could post the list in order. I just had surgery and am to doped up to figure them all out.

Batman and Robin
Walter and Jesse (Thanks SteveStrifeX!!)
Daft Punk
Kirk and Spock

Solo and Chewie
DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince
Inigo and Fezzik
Pete and Pete (Thanks sillstaw!!)

Sherlock and Watson
Silent Bob and Jay
Scully and Mulder
Nye and Degrasse-Tyson (??)

Walter and The Dude
Freddy and Jason
Picard and Riker
Vincent and Jules

Captain America and Bucky
Doc Brown and Marty
Shaun and Ed (Thanks SteveStrifeX!!)
Ron Swanson and BACON!! (Thanks SteveStrifeX!!)

I’m guessing the far-right on the second row is Pete & Pete.

To help fill in the blanks:
(First Row 2nd) Walter White & Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad
(Last Row 4th) Shaun and Ed - Shaun of the Dead
(Last Row 5th) Ron Swanson and Bacon - Parks and Rec

Not sure yet on last in 2nd row

YES! Oh makes sense now, I couldn’t place that plaid cap until you said it. Thanks!

Wii better buy this shirt before it’s too late… #shameonyounintendo #nomoreupdates

Really missing Adam and Jamie…would have substituted for Cap and Bucky. One super-hero team is enough.

Why oh why no Xena and Gabrielle??

No Mythbusters, no sale.

Another suggestion for Homies 2.0 is Rick and Daryl. Or Daryl and Carol. Thanks!