Homping Portable Tailgate Grill

Okay, somebody has to say it: That’s one homping expensive grill!

Interesting design, but very small capacity, and I question if such a small amount of charcoal can generate the heat to properly sear meat.

I also question the grill’s ability to heat the cooking surface evenly.

This is extremely dangerous…the carbon monoxide from even a TINY amount of charcoal can be deadly. I cannot believe this hasn’t been brought up until now!!!
–FF/Lic Paramedic

You’re absolutely right. I can’t believe they list this for indoor use!

Good post, however the fan provides for a higher temperature, which gives more complete combustion, which reduces carbon monoxide in favor of carbon dioxide, which when emitted in certain amounts is approved for indoor use.

A few examples of combustion products that are approved for indoor use come to mind and include candles and incense, gas ovens, stoves and clothes dryers, certain specific space heaters, and even propane powered forklifts.

This grill probably emits no more CO than several candles. Is it approved for indoor use? Probably Yes, but nobody has even hinted at using it indoors, either on Woot, the Homping Grill website, or any of the reviews I’ve read; Do I recommend it? Nope, especially not at this price. It is a pretty unique design and it is larger than it looks in the Woot pictures (check out YouTube for a better view of the size) but I don’t feel that it is special enough to rate the cost. Bring it down to $60-70 and maybe I’ll take another look.

Actually, there was initially a reference to using it both indoors and outdoors at the end of the descriptive paragraph just before the bullet points in the ‘features’ tab on Woot, but that statement was edited pretty early on.