Honda Black Max Power Washer

You’ll shoot your eye out, kid

I have a cheaper pressure washer which does a fine job with a fence, but I need to clean my driveway and my parents’ driveway. I love this thing breaks down so small (as seen in the photo), so I can fit it easily in my Honda Civic and transport it to my parents’ house. What I need to know is can I buy the disc shaped attachment for this to easily do a driveway and does anyone know how much it is and where I can purchase this attachment? Does anyone own this? I LOVE my Honda car and my Honda lawn mower and would like to own this Honda pressure washer. :slight_smile:
I figure it costs $99 on sale for a fast pressure wash job, so this will be paid for in no time.

This is a very good unit! I own a similar model with the same engine…and you can’t find a better engine! Starts everytime on first or second pull. You can select the spay pattern based on what you’re cleaning. Nothing like those electric driven units…this is the real thing and you won’t be sorry you bought it.

Well, I decided to check and see how much this sells for there and what people think. The only review was favorable but the guy said he bought this NEW at his Sams Club in May of this year for $300. Given this is a refurb for only $50 less, I’m out. Gotta have better deals, Woot!


Here is the only decent video I could find. Pretty bad luck anywhere. I’ll find a manual or something to make up for the bad videos in a minute.

**Hey! HEY! IT’S IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS! This here Power Washer requires fuel, so it can’t be returned to Woot. Once you hit that big yellow button, it’s yours. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. **

In case you missed it the first time.

I decided to research more so not to feel bad about my decision to not pruchase this. Well, I found it on Sam’s Club site but because I am not a memeber, a price is not revealed, but I was able to read the reviews. It appears people owning this for under 6 months, love the thing but after 6 months of ownership, the reviews go down hill. One person said it leaked oil all over his/her deck and another person stated after 6 months, it failed and when the person took the unit apart, he/she saw the pump is made of nylon parts. Again, I’m out and I feel good about my decision. Going to bed… good luck Wooters and sweet dreams!

Links to the reviews are really helpful. We have a lot of wooters that feel that seeing is believing.

Here’s the Sam’s Club link. It has 4.5 stars. Also note that it’s out of stock online.

Yes, it has a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars. But… almost everyone left the review within one month of ownership. Those who waiting and gave themselves some time to actually use the product, gave it a bad review because they say it does not last. That’s what I was saying.

That’s a good summary and good information too. We just like to be able to verify the information both for our sakes and other wooters.

Thanks for the report!

Manuals Pending…
Multilingual Manual
Assembly Instructions
Securing The Handle manual
Tools Needed (spoiler: It’s a phillips screwdriver and 11mm wrench)
Replacement Parts List

Owners manual could have been made better i think. Tried to save room by cramming all the languages on the same pages.

As always- uploaded to my account for easy viewing.

2600psi is ok for washing your car or house, but if you really wanna blast the paint off something then it’s not gonna cut it. Look for at least 3500psi to get any real work done. has it for $50 more.

Pretty good woot it seems

Based on the comments from sam’s club for the non-reconditioned unit, I’d save your money.

I wonder how this thing handles 10% ehtanol gasoline (or 15%)

I know my Honda powered generator absolutely abohors the stuff, it is like poison. Thats because Ethanol absorbs at least 500 times more water than gasoline, so even a 10% ethanol blend will make gasoline absorb 50% more water than egular gas.
And it only takes a tablespoon of water to ruin a gallon of gasoline.

Which is why I stopped buying gasoline powered small engine stuff. The phase shifted gas after it absorbs water is terribly corrosive stuff, and most small engine tools aren’t made to handle it.

I can’t speak to the whole unit, but the GCV160 is the most reliable engine I’ve ever seen in any equipment. I have an older pressure washer with the same engine in it, and even after sitting unused in the garage for about two years, it cranked right up on the second pull.

This is in stock at my local Sams Club for pickup for $299. And if it doesn’t work out of the box, I can take it back. I might go for the refurb and save $50 because I’ve had a lot of good luck with refurbs - but that disclaimer of once you get it, it’s yours deal - so if it comes out of the box badly refurbed and won’t work you’re stuck thing… Leaves me out. I do appreciate the sale though - we’ve been needing one of these and I’d not thought to check Sams Club! Thanks Woot!

I work on pressure washers for my day job, if it has a vertical shaft engine, buyer be ware…

they make great lawn mower engines but they should never put a vertical shaft on a pressure washer

it’s fine to put gasoline with ~10% ethanol in a small engine as long as you use the engine every week or 2 but if it sits for any period of time, you should put in a fuel stabilizer to avoid having all of your rubber gaskets turn to the consistency of chewing gum

The new GCV’s are not as reliable as the old GCV’s since they started putting all of the pollution controls on the small engines.