Honestech A/V Nerdery

Dang! A “super slim” cassette player! Hi-tech!

1985 called. He wants his tape player back.

I was tempted just to show my kids what we used to use before phones and MP3 players. Then I remembered I showed them a discman already and tech going three generations back is like trying to explain a one horse open sleigh.

That VHS to DVD thing would be great for a gift, like to someone (parents?) who has a bunch of stuff on VHS. Convert all their stuff for them and then give them the software.

Was thinking the same thing and went to the mothership to see reviews… sigh $24 shipped from an Amazon seller. It says “OLD VERSION” but the box in both pictures is 4.0 so I don’t think there is a difference. Looking into the versions and some other reviews, it appears current version of this is 7.0, so this is a bit of an older version at 4.0. Looks to have some good reviews on other sites that rank VHS to DVD software tho. (AND the mothership has the 7.0 version on sale for $35 WITH prime shipping!!! - Lightning deal until a bit after noon on Black Friday.)

Woot is getting more and more disappointing to me. :frowning:

edit: added version info

Duud, cut us some slack. It’s the most competitive retail time of year. Do you have any idea how fast retailers are changing their prices right now?


I do and I understand that online is especially competitive. Perhaps I am jaded from the deals.woot sponsored bit where an item was being pushed at $50 above MSRP from a fleabay vendor. I used to find some of the best deals on woot, I guess times have changed and you are as competitive as you can be. Honestech didn’t lose my business, nor did Amazon… how that affects woot I don’t know. But I did just pick up the version 7.0 for $34.99 + tax shipped with prime. I don’t know that I expect woot to compete with lightning deals, but I’d hope they would compete with Amazon, for what I consider obvious reasons. Maybe Amazon is like a big mall and if you sell items there you can get on and change prices at will, maybe woot pushes products, especially from sponsors, without researching or caring if it is competitive. I don’t know, but I see a lot of deals recently where prices are not what I would consider competitive. Granted they are usually from sponsors or whatever you call the extra deals (though often sponsored deals on deals.woot).

Anyway, it is not just this black friday deal pricing that is bringing on my disappointment; it is what woot seems to be becoming. I expressed my thoughts and your response warrants this explanation; maybe it matters, maybe not. I’ve been a long time woot customer and spent what I consider a lot of money with the company, now I am just being honest.

Thanks for your honesty. I appreciate it. We do try to compete with Amazon but not necessarily the 3rd party sellers on there that have just a few or are selling for stupid prices.

Have you used camelcamelcamel.com? It’s really interesting. We’ve made sure our prices are lower than Amazon only to wake to find out they lowered their price. It’s nuts.