Honestech My-IPTV Anywhere Deluxe with VHS to DVD Software



Alright! Just what I always wanted! Dad, what’s a VHS?


What makes this ANY better than the average Tv tuner card these days ?


A friend of mine has one of these (or a model very similar) and says that it is a pain in the @$$.

Stay away.


Where’s the love for Macs damnit


this is not refurb!!! YAY! Good product.


Google ProducT Search


is this compatible with Mac OS 10.4.1?


Why would you need Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher at all to capture to DVD ?


Honestech… I’ve never heard of that brand. Does anyone know about the quality of their products?


Decent deal… MY-IPTV Anywhere™ Deluxe MSRP US $99.95

linky… http://www.honestech.com/main/my_iptv_anywhere.asp?path=TV%20%26%20Video

ill pass :slight_smile:


You got to be kidding me wasn’t this on woot for a lesser price, I didn’t need it then and iI don’t need it now!
Don’t want!


A much cheaper way to do this is to run your component out from VHS into DVD capture program like Nero or Pinnacle. From there, just burn them to DVD. You also gain the option to adjust the a/v for better quality.




Anyone know why I keep having problems displaying the images of Woot! products? It was OK over the weekend, but now I’m not getting the images again.


could i do video capturing with this? IE: hook it up to my 360 and make montages. :smiley:


It looks like it’s trying to be an iPod. But so does every electronic now-a-days.


Is this like a slingbox knock off?


Mixed feelings here… It looks like it is a Media Convertion device with a tuner built in… Great for capture videp, but it is MPEG 4, and not AVI. I am also concerned that this item does not display the lines of resolution, so I think that I am going to stay away from this one… Also, it would appear that you have to use their software and not software that you want to use. I do not see this as a great woot.


How does this differ from a Slingbox?