Honey Badger Cares

Oh, that’s nasty!

Honey badger: the meme that will not die.

For the unfamiliar:

(Not for children’s ears)

Nice design tjost!

Honey badger meme video for those not familiar (NSFW language).

EDIT: Damn you tomcall beat me to it by a minute :slight_smile:

Greatest comment ever!

This is a lie.

I still don’t think it’ll care if you buy the shirt.

For those interested in this still, there is a new baby honey badger video

Heh. Look at the cobra try and get away.


Only a year late, no biggie.

I become more and more disappointed every time I visit this site. This meme is old, and not super popular, and I’m still pissed about the whole, shipping things overseas, and giving us lower quality shirts. It just seems like Shirt.woot is becoming a dive.

I find myself questioning reality right now… Honey Badger is incapable of caring…

Not buying it… don’t trust 'em.

Even the uncaring-est of creatures can still have a heart.

Agreed. While a great illustration, it’s outdated, tacky, and lacking originality. It may be time to remove shirt.woot! from my bookmarks.

Great shirt!!

This shirt is a lie. I’m pretty sure the honey badger STILL doesn’t give a shit… just like Woot doesn’t give a shit that I can’t order this shirt because it’s printed on Anvil and they fit like crap. :frowning: