Honey Can Do 12-Drawer Rolling Cart

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Honey Can Do 12-Drawer Rolling Cart
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2/11/2017 - $48.99 - Click To See Discussion (8 comments)

Hey Wooters! What kind of stuff would you keep in this rolling cart?

I have something similar for sewing supplies, but I’m curious about other uses.

Anybody use this in the kitchen?

Wayfair has 4.5 Stars

I have something similar but smaller that I used to organize my kitchen gadgets so I would have room in my kitchen drawers for MORE gadgets.

I have this exact cart, and I use it in the kitchen just as ramprat mentions. We took all the little gadgets out of the cabinet drawers and organized them in these drawers instead. The larger drawers on the bottom might be good for placemats or napkins. Or more gadgets. (I have the same problem!) I love this cart.

We use this at work. After not much time, the cart is falling apart. The drawers won’t stay on the tracks. We try tightening it up to no avail.

This gets an overall score of 4.1 on Amazon and is currently priced at $61.17 for Prime members.

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I have this cart. It’s a great cart that would be an amazing cart if the drawers stayed in their tracks. There are so many people with the same issue and have stated it in reviews. I don’t understand why the manufacturer doesn’t fix this, all it would take is a little wider lip on either side of the drawer so it catches more of the track… oh well, guess that’s why it’s now on Woot.

My daughter (grown) has it tucked in the corner of the bathroom and has stocked it with cosmetics, bath supplies etc…

That’s an idea… My gadgets are getting out of hand.

This, on the other hand, is concerning. Kitchen gadgeters, do you have this problem? Is it to do with the weight of the stuff in the drawers or something else? In what way is the cart falling apart?

I have a single column version of this (not two columns like this one) with 10 small drawers in the kitchen. I keep potatoes in the bottom two bins and onions in the top two, with spices in between. If I keep anything heavy in the middle of the unit (say the fourth, fifth or sixth drawers), they do come right off the track.

If you removed the drawers, would it be possible to add a shelf and make it a bar card?

I just ordered 3 and will be using for mail organizer, gadget organizer, and for home office supply organizer.

I think it needs cross bracing on the back. An anti sag kit for gates might work.