Honey-Can-Do 5-Tier Shelving Unit

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Honey-Can-Do 5-Tier Shelving Unit
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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3/11/2017 - $39.99 - Click To See Discussion (13 comments)

Seems to be only about $10 savings if you buy 1 unit. Currently $55 at Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Honey-Can-Do-Five-Tier-Urban-Storage-Shelves-in-Chrome/14942817

This thing cost $125 to begin with!?! I could get this at Fred Meyer for $20 any day of the week.

Fred Myer does not carry these. You can get a cheap plastic 4 shelf unit there for $50 however!


Looks like another case of super-inflating MSRP to make it appear to be a much better deal than it really is.

The ones with wheels on them are about $70 at walmart, and if you can tolerate the added height they are often a better idea. (these don’t move easily without wheels when loaded - I have two)

If you don’t need the wheels, these are a minor deal. But only if you are getting three, where shipping doesn’t eat up all of your savings over buying locally.

Also, these wire racks are MIUCH better than plastic shelves when it comes to storing heavier items. You really can’t price-compare steel with plastic.

$10 is still $10. $55-$60 is an average price for these which is what the first one I ever bought cost me at Amazon.

I bought 3 last time these were up at Woot. They are not seconds, or returns, or repacks, and according to my FedEx account shipped straight from the manufacturer.

Instruct your elves,
to place themselves,
on these shelves.
A place to sleep,
on the cheap,
but not for sheep.
Give a hoot,
send us your loot,
buy these from Woot.

I know, I know, but what the heck can you rhyme with shelves?

Does anyone know if I can get wheels for this model?

We probably should have used the $141.99 price from the manufacturer’s site.

I believe these are the correct ones:
Wheels for urban units

The bottom two photos show what appears to be a plastic lining on the shelves. Is this included?

Not included but looks like you can buy it on their site

Although the brand is not the same, these look identical to some I got at Aldi in 2014. Same description, VERY heavy duty - they hold a LOT of weight with no sagging whatsoever. After purchasing and assembling 3 of them for our small manufacturing business, we returned for 6 more and the next time they sold them we got 3 more, all for the unbelievable price of around $29.99 each (the later ones may have been $39.00 like these cost, but that price is still well worth it). I also purchased a short 3-shelf version with the same high quality for $14.99. Assembly is VERY easy and they are well-designed. Looks like the wheels sold as an accessory for the ones on WOOT would fit mine also. They are JUST AS GOOD as ones we have seen at other stores, including some for twice the price at Lowe’s. Of course they are not an item regularly carried at Aldi but if I had been unable to get more than my original three sets, I wouldn’t hesitate to jump right in on this woot.

I have four sets of these shelves.
They are a snap to put together (pun intended).
They are extremely solid, durable and heavy duty.

This is a great price, especially considering you don’t have to schelp to a store and unload them from your car!!!

Thank you!

Your link goes to a 24" wide liner. It looks like there are 36" wide ones available on Amazon.

Got a link for those on Amazon?


Be advised that on these types of shelves the MAX load rating goes down when you add wheels.

(Not looking at paperwork, and it’s been years but IIRC shelves I have (not the one below) were like 3,500lbs total and it dropped to 800lbs with wheels.)

**THE FIX **
One “MOD” I did on one shelving unit of this type AFTER noticing the wheels had caused the bottom of the tubular uprights to SPLIT, and the shelving unit was listing to one side, the wheel running at a angle was to drum roll please:

Take a IIRC a 1-inch straight female-female pipe fitting, grind it out… and after straightening the SPLIT /deformed tubular upright… Slide it over the damaged section and then used J.B. WELD to secure this “patch” in place.

I would suggest if you plan on loading down these (cheap) types of shelving units, OR plan on moving them around loaded to REINFORCE the area with a “Sleeve” where the insert for the wheels attaches…

Pipe fitting? Yep, either had them, Or they were the cheapest thing I had access to at the time.

You could also use steel tubing if correctly sized.

Oh, it’s MUCH EASIER to add the reinforcement sleeves PRIOR to the unit being assembled and it being loaded down…

OK, generally happy but one weird thing: there are black plastic rings in the box that aren’t listed on the parts list/instructions… what are these supposed to be for?