Honey Can Do 6Pk Storage Cube - 3 Colors

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Honey Can Do 6Pk Storage Cube - 3 Colors
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I’m not sure if I have this exact brand but I have some that look just like them at home and at work. They work great. You can arrange them in different ways.

while these types of grids are very popular for making guinea pig cages these would not work well as these have too large of openings.

I bought mine at a local hardline/dept. store chain (Shopko). It was $14.99 for 4 cubes, I bought 2 packages (8 cubes) for $29.98 and was able to use a $10 loyalty coupon, so this item ($19.99 for 6 cubes) is a good deal.

I am pretty sure that there are 2-3 MFGs for this, and the resellers slap their brand on it. There also seem to be 2 different types out in the wild. Here is my advice: if the individual grid piece “flexes” in your hand, don’t buy it. Look for a different brand.

The next thing is review comments seem to focus on the plastic pieces that hold the grids together. Lot of folks complaining that they broke or are loose, and the unit will not hold together. My guess it’s either and old unit and the plastic became brittle, or there were several lots with a MFG issue. The plastic connectors are available, but (as typical), kind of pricy. I resolved this by using about $1 worth of zip ties.when assembling the units. My plastic connectors seemed to be “OK”, but the zip ties make the finished product more secure, and also will take some of the stress off the connectors and maybe give it a longer life :wink: I also used a few zip ties to help secure it to the wall (sheetrock), along with screws and sheetrock anchors. This added approx 10 minutes to the assembly time, but YMMV :wink:

Bottom line: If this unit is the “heavier duty” grid, this is a good price, and I recommend!

PS, this sure is a long comment for a $20 item :smiley:

From Amazon reviews (https://www.amazon.com/Honey-Can-Do-SHF-02113-Modular-Storage-43Hx29W/dp/B006Y7A3C8), some say wire flimsy. Also mentioned is that the horizontal sections have 1" squares, while sides are 2".
Pricing, $42.99 at Staples, $50 at Home Depot (same model numbers).
Depending on what you’re storing, you may want to put liners on bottoms of cubes to give a flat surface.

Hey Woot: I’m guessing that last dimension is off by about 10 inches?
Maybe 14.75?

“Each cube measures: 15.5” H x 14.5" W x 4.75" D"

I totally agree! Had these in college and seemed to have lost them all. Probably going to pick some up for the kids, this seems to be a good price. Zipties are great for making this more sturdy - definitely recommended if you have little ones using them frequently. And if you get some clear plastic sheeting, you can make a very stable base for each of the squares that will prevent stuff from falling down through the holes but still allow you to see into the bin below. Easily picked up at a craft or hardware store and cut down to size.

Can you hang these on a garage wall?

I’ve had these in chrome for about 30 years,not sturdy enough to hang. I do have them standing against a wall in the garage, it’s big. Probably 6 to 7 ft tall by 10 to 11 ft wide. no exaggeration. Used zip ties to keep it all together. They’re left over from when I was single and moving from Apt. to Apt. in NYC. Don’t know what gauge of wire they’re made of, but definitely not the flimsy one. Wouldn’t build it that big it it were.

You are the master of your own destiny.

Question was asked on amazon and answer said they will definitely fall apart.

Whoops! You were right. We fixed the typo. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

I had these in my dorm room back in the day and LOVED them. My favorite formation is a staircase type set up of 3-2-1. This allowed for a lot of space for my various books.

I’ve owned a couple sets of these for many years - from dorm days, into 1st adult apartment days, to now homeowner days where they sit as convenient storage in a spare bedroom.

In that time I’ve cursed them plenty of times as yes, the plastic connectors do get annoying and I’ve found that the metal coating on the wires starts to wear away at the connector points… but with some well placed zip ties in addition to the somewhat shoddy plastic connectors, these things are quite sturdy.

Would I buy more now? No. But if I knew a kid ready to graduate and strike out on their own, they can’t be beat for cheap, portable, fairly versatile storage.