Honey-Can-Do Heavy Duty Quad Rolling Laundry Sorter/Hamper

For about an hour or so I’ve tried to order this item, but it gets denied every time I try. Woot support told me not use the present Woot account but to create a new Woot account, and I did so. The order from the new Woot account was also denied. I’ve spoken with at least three people at Woot support and have been given no solution. So I give up in frustration. I’m wondering whether anyone else is having this problem today.

Hi there! Looking at your order, it says denied which usually means your bank isn’t liking the charge.

Make sure your billing address on Woot matches your bill address on your credit card exactly. That’s usually the reason.

Thanks for your response. All the details were checked multiple times throughout those denial incidents. I tried to purchase again several hours later, and then the transaction completed normally. Apparently the previous failure was a temporary glitch in the system which ultimately cleared up.

These are not heavy duty. Thin wire on bottom rack, frame is thin metal and wheels are tiny. Not at all “heavy duty” as described or shown in picture.Returning.