Honey Do Pleasure Rewards Dry Erase Chart

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Honey Do Pleasure Rewards Dry Erase Chart
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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well what do we have here?

What in the seven bloody hells…


What? What?!!!

I had no idea what these are so I bought 3

Overpriced note board for the college dorm doors.

I don’t understand.

w00t! Keeping it classy.

Does this come with Extenze?

Good night Woot!

This would be marvelously hilarious sans the five dollar shipping.

I just want some gosh darn monkeys.


what in the holy crapola pile is it? NM i dont care.

wow. just wow.

Im pretty sure…well positive I had a woot off in my dream last night. I shouldnt watch the computer this long again…

Perfect wedding/wedding shower gifts!!

Does it have wifi?

Hmmm this comes from woot…

Way to hold out, honey.