Honey Extension Exclusive Offers

I’m posting this in the hope that it helps someone.

I recently made a purchase that had a decent reward, I activated it and purchased the item. I never got a confirmation email or any of the normal signs that the reward offer was activated. After I got the item and still nothing from Honey I used the Contact Us button and left a polite message explaining my concern. Honestly I didn’t think I’d get a response. I did! They asked for proof of purchase by giving me a simple list of what they wanted or just a forwarded email of the confirmation. I gave them both and a screenshot of the offer on the item page. I got my reward money credited to my account because they could see that it had been activated and I had purchased the item. If anyone else on here has had the same issue don’t be afraid to hit the button. They do respond and made it right in my case. Might be an idea to start copy and pasting screenshots of the offer before and after the activation from now on to be safe.

Honey is legit. Problem? Contact, be polite. Give info, get reward. Take screenshots of offer JIC.


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