Honey Wait!!

Why did the Doctor let them into the TARDIS? I’m confused now.

I hate it when that happens.

What the heck, in for one!

Fashion is his kryptonite.

he’s not so super anymore

I never did get why superheroes wore their underwear outside their costumes.

To quote some dead guy, “Clever girl”

thank god it wasnt super girl

Nicely done but Team Lois, darn it.

I stared this down for 30 seconds before i realized he was wearing wonder woman’s costume.

it totally made sense after that.

Haha, I would buy it, but I don’t think I could live with myself wearing it. Well done nonetheless.

Ehh, nice art but I don’t fancy the thought of Superman and by association, Wonder Woman, being pro-adultery.

The 'man fills out the outfit pretty well, no?

Everyone assumes this was a mistake on Supes’ part, but really, who doesn’t want to feel a little fabulous now and then?

As an unabashed queer fanboy, I just can’t NOT buy this shirt. It’s just a shame I won’t have it in time to wear to the MoCCA Festival this weekend.

Ilovedoodle won a derby!


It looks like someone pulled a Tiger… I wonder if Supes will use this opportunity to sell Nikes along with his t-shirts. (That is assuming he can outrun Lois after she whacks him in the head with her solid kryptonite gold club)

Shirt’s OK, but score 2 points for the semi-obscure Larry Niven Reference.

thats a british phone booth, not a police box


Btw, if Supe’s wearing the Wonder Woman’s costume, what is she using to cover herself?

funny, it looks like a dark cape. and the plot thickens…