Honey Wait!!

this shirt is too inappropriate for me…i cant buy it…it would never get worn…

Someone who actually followed the derby rules. Imagine that.

i think superman came to earth to be a hero to make up for his lack of a package… probably wasnt getting much love back home (especially from the ladies)

I saw this and bought it faster than a speeding bullet!

drum clash


yes, but according to the Dyslexic Anagram Generator it’s an anagram for Evil Old Oboe (an ill woodwind that nobody blows good).

Good job sir. Worthy of last weeks theme.

So wait, are Wonder Woman and Superman officially together now?

I knew it. They’re soul mates. The matching costumes couldn’t be just a coincidence…

(too bad Lois is in the way)

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take x-ray vision to see through glass in a phone booth.

Awkward much?

go on, trumpet your masculinity a bit more… we believe you.

Agreed! Congrats, Lim!!

Yeah, totally. The fact that BOTH of their outfits match the US flag colors cannot otherwise be explained.

Well executed and on theme . . . but it’s not two gals wondering if there’s SOMETHING out there . . . and so I shall pass. If I had been able to purchase THAT shirt yesterday, I might have gone on a woot-weekend spree and picked up this one too; but alas, disappointed am I.

This was my favorite shirt of this derby, and I’m glad to see it print. In for 1!

I always new they were “Super Friends”

now I understand where the Wonder Twins came from.

In for one!

I’d like to believe this is pre Lois. He knew her but wasn’t able to hit it yet. So, one drunken night, one phone booth, no protection. Wonder Twins were born sometime later but they never knew their father because she couldn’t remember. He’s not leaving the next day, this is just a few minutes after conception and he had to run to help someone. She was drunk, He was sober, all according to his plan.

As a 30 something conventionalist I am determined to bring decorum back into cool because you, young pup, don’t get the reference that butters your bread. You get paid and you lose. This art is so much more than you, and it deserves so much more respect than you allowed. Good luck with karma.

Given how fast this got back into the fog, I thought it might place in the top three. Glad to see it did!

talk about a superho!

i want a british phone booth!

Now that’s a Wardrobe Malfunction.