Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Remote

My computer works just fine.

You don’t. Next question.

It is not to be used in wet or moist locations, such as bathrooms and laundry areas.

Okay, maybe a dumb question given the pithy comments.

I need a small heater to toast up the chilly bathroom before a shower. I wonder why they warn against use in a ‘moist’ location lilke a bathroom? Are they just being overly cautionary given the electrocution risk from smartly falling into bathtubs and sinks or is there some valid reason this kind of ceramic heater should not be used in a ‘moist’ location?

been having one for about a year… great heater, actually using it right now bc the heater in my house is broken and i’m out of fire wood- keeps my room warm, but don’t try and heat a 30’x20’ room… it’s not THAT amazing
but for smaller, single rooms- it’s hawt

Our building has 300 plus computers on the 2nd floor (with an open center) and a hand full on the 3rd floor - gets cold as heck on 3rd and too hot on 2nd. 70’s era buildings HVAC did not see computers as a factor. As for people, we have 10,000 people a day.

haha good luck with that

the description alone makes me want to purchase one

Very tempting… will pass however.

Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic - great 35 mm cameras… Loved my Spotmatic F from 1975…

Found the details on warranty in the PDF:

Return to Service Center in Memphis, TN along with a $10 check for S&H… plus the $10 to send it off…

I think that I might need to hit Costco for a heater. The on-line price is normally $10-$20 more than in the store.

Plus, Woot has not addressed the clump of pre-Christmas screw-ups on my other purchases yet.

Pioneer Inno - VERY Late (arrived well after Christmas) & no headphones in the box
Altec Lancing Zune Speakers - too late to send for Christmas
Acer Aspire Desktop - broken drive - RAM issues…

You don’t need this . That’s what girls are for.opps they cost more…nevermind.

Man, that dump is gonna hurt, isn’t it?

this deal is hot!

in for 1, home heater is not too great this time of year

its inventory time!
i smell a wootoff

How big is this thing? I can’t tell from the picture how large the footprint is.

Thats a good price and all but they need to have more toys than practical things.
BUT: Woot still has the sweet prices!

then you are on of the lucky ones, it’s 5 degrees where I live

Nice to have but no money

Yes, but the big thing here is… it does it from far away!

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