Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Remote

its inventory time!
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How big is this thing? I can’t tell from the picture how large the footprint is.

Thats a good price and all but they need to have more toys than practical things.
BUT: Woot still has the sweet prices!

then you are on of the lucky ones, it’s 5 degrees where I live

Nice to have but no money

Yes, but the big thing here is… it does it from far away!

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If you keep it in a location that doesn’t get wet and that doesn’t stay humid all the time, and plug it into a GFCI outlet (which should be used in bathrroms and kitchens anyway) you should be fine.

Would someone who has one of these - and who doesn’t smoke - tell me how long it outgasses that “new plastic” smell? I’m sensitive to that odor, and the last ceramic heater I bought (Lasko) never seemed to stop outgassing. That one will be going up for sale at work. Hopefully these are better…

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I would go for one but Las Vegas is summer 10 months a year

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I paid $15 on sale at Home Depot 1 year ago.

Wait, probably same again if not already.

Darn i wanted to use this in the bath tub with 2250 watts with a 12 hour timer. never get what i want. No bath today. guess i’ll waite for bag of crap

BTW: this is a fine little space heater. Thermostat is fine. Heats large bedroom but is best just heating a small room or an area in a room like a desk area.
But if you are paying over $20, I recommend the oil filled radiator type instead. These are cleaner, dust free, and heat quickly too. They cost more but are worth it. The radiators with the timer work well if you need that. The analog timer is better than the digital as it does not need reseting after a power failure and is easier to see and set.

I have two of these and have had them for a couple years. they are great heaters the only thing that is kind of annoying is that when you set on a tempiture setting they will turn off and on to keep that tempiture and it is kind of loud. if you sleep lightly then it will take a while to get usted to but other then that they are a great cheep way to heat a room.

Fun fact: Honeywell sold the right to use their name on consumer appliances like this one (and humidifiers, air purifiers, etc) to another company called Kaz. So while Honeywell still makes alarm systems and HVAC controls, these puppies are made by a completely different company:

The company’s history is equally entertaining. It’s a family held company started by Max Katzman in Upstate NY in 1926. That said, I’m sure all this stuff is designed and manufactured in China.

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