Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Remote

This should be a very HOT item! only goes out too next Tuesday. Tuesdays Hi will be 62.

Heaters Rock!!!.

What the heck… I’m in for 2. Wife and I are moving our office into the basement so this should keep it nice an warm down there.

In for 2.


Does anyone know this: In the event of a power loss does this heater come back on automatically (when power is restored) or do you have to manually restart it?

At first I was thinking no… but actually might be good for my basement to keep warm while playing table tennis in the winter.

Just bought three for our office. The shivering secretaries will thank me. :slight_smile:

I’m very happy with this purchase because I don’t have to pay for my electricity. I hope the landlord dosn’t mind. I just won’t tell the sorry b**st*rd

These are a great heater, I have one and it’s the best one off all of them.
It actually works and the oscillation is great! It’s 22 degrees F and 63 inside so the little heater in my office is awesome!

I can’t believe someone left a 5th grade report on Honeywell. How about a book report on the heater!

Does this have a 3-pronged power cord? (It has to be 3-prong for me to use it in the office.)

Can’t you use a 2 to 3 prong adapter? I mean, I probably have a dozen or so of these little 50 cent marvels lying around the house. I swear everywhere I go I find a spot where I need one.

In 4 1

Will keep my 5th wheel nice and toasty w/o propane (and no CO either).

Who in their right mind mounts vehicles on their dashboard?

Can someone who has one comment on how much noise it makes? I want to buy one for either TV room or office, but won’t use at either place if it’s too noisy. Thanks!

I have an oil filled heater as well. But those don’t help much when you’re just plain cold. They’re great for heating a bedroom at night. But not as a quick heater to warm you up when you’re freezing.

I have this exact same Honeywell heater w/remote, except mine is grey. It’s a good little space heater. It was my girlfriend’s favorite heater of the three heaters I own.

I have a question - I hope someone here can answer it.

Many people are talking about efficiency and the general consensus is that this is not an efficient way to heat space. Gas is more efficient.

I have a gas fired steam furnace in my house, with radiators in each room. The furnace has to be on for 40 minutes before any steam starts to come up the pipes. After that it takes quite a bit of time to radiate enough heat to actually raise the room’s temperature a degree. How could this possibly be more efficient than an electric heater that blows heat right away?

I pay about 2 dollars per therm and the furnace uses about 2 therms an hour. That means it costs me 4 bucks every time the furnace turns on to raise the house one degree. Electricity costs me 17 cents per Kwh so this baby will run me 25 cents per hour. If I have 8 of these running at the same time the total cost is the same. However, these will heat the room in less time.

So which is more efficient?

does this work with a roomba?