Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Remote

Be better to get an old ref. and put a couple of 100 watt bulbs and a thermostat inside it. I did this to store my oil paint in an unheated studio one winter and it worked perfectly.

Unless the room is already 83 deg’s. this heater aint gonna do the job very well.


Yes. You can rechargethe zune by hanging the zune on the front of the heater when the heater is running at 1500 watts.

You’ll never even feel this heater in a garage that size.

I think thats more like 12.5 amps.

This is the one for the model that woot is sailing.

I had good/great shipping times with Woots too until the past month. Woot failed me big time for a couple of Major Christmas presents that I ordered between Dec 1 & Dec 9th - and did not make it for Christmas - and with mistakes in items shipped. Some that ordered the same items have still not received them.

The poor communication with we who have problems has been a major frustration.

anyone order the slingbox on the 30th and not receive a tracking number yet?

winter’s a comin… figured i might as well (even though i think this apartment has a heater that we never use)

The reviewer sites a price of $17.99 at Home Depot and is dated only 2/07. Now THAT’d be a great price. HD’s current price is $44.99. Perhaps a clearance price in Feb?

is this noisy?


In for my first woot.

We have this one and the front gets so hot that if a child, pet or even an adult touches it, they will get burned. It has a sticker on the front to tell you if it is hot but it peeled off immediately. The thermostat is completely inaccurate. We ended up putting it in the guest room and buying a new cermaic heater for the living room. All cermaic tower heaters turn off if they tip, this one just pauses until it gets back on its base. I wouldn’t buy this again. I would pay the extra $15 for a tower ceremic heater.

Hmm. Electricity heats an element which heats the oil which heats the room. OR electricity heats an element which heats the room.

The oil may provide a slower, more even heating experience, but unless you’ve found a new law of physics, the cost of maintaining a particular temperature will be almost exactly the same.

I have a question… Can that also be accurately said as Walmart, the largest employer in the world employs over a quarter of a million people who are so, for lack of a better word, useless, to the rest of the employers, that they couldn’t get jobs otherwise?

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I love Walmart. But Woot now, I’m seriously thinking about marriage with… And, by the way, if you compare Walmarts products to some of Woots, and claim that this sort of merchandise causes problems, are you actually PO’ed at woot? Because if you are, you can leave here, just as easily as you can NOT go to Walmart, if that’s your fetish…

okay okay. all this chatter about fair labor practices made me hot. so i wooted this one.

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This would be perfect for all those late nights at my computer with the lights off and my webcam on. . . Waiting for the next woot! item, of course!