Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Remote

I have a question… Can that also be accurately said as Walmart, the largest employer in the world employs over a quarter of a million people who are so, for lack of a better word, useless, to the rest of the employers, that they couldn’t get jobs otherwise?

Do those people also qualify for Walmart’s amazingly affordable health insurance. Do some of them, like over 70% of the companies managers, start off with such positions, and, if they try, climb their way up to those levels too??? Does Walmart save the average American family about $2000 a year because of their efficiently run business??? Do they help Americans use less fuel because of consolidating their shopping? Does this give them more time to invest as they choose? Got a problem with $4.00 prescription fills?

In this country, if you do it better, you win. Supply and Demand are forces which ultimately overpower any artificial “controls” that can be put up against them… I feel no sympathy for the mom and pops. We have no obligation to support ANYONE. You see, in America, we can CHOOSE… Thats good because all that bunk about “Freedom” and “Liberty” would be invalid if Walmarts couldn’t exist, and we weren’t allowed to shop there…

I love Walmart. But Woot now, I’m seriously thinking about marriage with… And, by the way, if you compare Walmarts products to some of Woots, and claim that this sort of merchandise causes problems, are you actually PO’ed at woot? Because if you are, you can leave here, just as easily as you can NOT go to Walmart, if that’s your fetish…

okay okay. all this chatter about fair labor practices made me hot. so i wooted this one.

Bless you my child. Now, another Asian family will have food for a week… And their economies will grow. Big enough that, one day, THEY too will have a Walmart, employing the services of the poor and helping them establish internationally driven economies as well…

You know, every time you buy something made by Asian children, an angel gets their wings…

This would be perfect for all those late nights at my computer with the lights off and my webcam on. . . Waiting for the next woot! item, of course!

Good luck. The Home Depot website shows these same things at $44.99.

Right on. I have been on eBay since March 1998 and have about 2000 feedback [buying and selling.] But Woot has beat eBay in terms of deal shopping.

Ebay used to be fun because there were lots of private sellers unloading stuff at bargain prices. Now it seems more professional sellers are on eBay than anything else. And there are few deals like there used to be.

But along came Woot to save the day. I joined Woot in October 2007 and I am very pleased with the deals. Shopping on Woot is fun, like eBay used to be.

Not everything on Woot is going to be something I want, but the stuff I do buy are the best bargains on the Net.

Lots of the stuff I buy I give away to friends. I tell them what I paid and they are astounded. [E.g., I gave a girl one of those iBlu M10 bluetooth headsets. She could not believe that it cost me $8.]

Woot is here to stay in my book. I look forward to checking each day what is on Woot and SellOut Woot.

Bonus Comment - Their SmartPost shipping SUCKS, however. I pretty much buy stuff and forget about getting it any time soon. In fact, I guess that’s part of the fun now. When a Woot box arrives I don’t know what the hell is inside. Kinda of a modified bag of crap. Literally when I open boxes and see what is inside I remark “Oh yeah, I remember buying this.”

I did. No tracking number here either.

would’ve been useful last night, it was 6 degrees with the wind chill in NY. Then again, i don’t wanna burn down my house :0

I really, really, REALLY want a woot off… sigh… I can’t remember the last one that happened on the weekend. They always happen when I gotta work or go to school… and I always miss the good stuff. I’ve been tempted to call in sick to work many times just to get me some woots… curses woot and your stupid woot offs! You are ruining my life!! :frowning:

2 prongs

I’m freezing

In for 3

Three angels just got their wings. Wheeeeeeeeee…

It’s electronic, so you have to manually restart it.

No problemo. Just buy two. Then you’ll have an extra prong to keep the fire marshal happy…

Are you certain? This varies from unit to unit…

any possibility of a woot off tonight? im fiending for one! and yes the heater is roomba compatible lol

No, absolutely not. The next one is scheduled for January 18th…

I’ve owned this model for a year now. I just tested the one I have currently warming me as I type this. I cut the power on the surge protector and when I turned it back on, the heater was off. You have to restart it.

Canadian??!!!??? WTF! Last time I checked MINNESOTA is BELOW the Canadian border. Founded in Minneapolis in 1886, merged with Allied Signal in the early 2000’s and is now based in New Jersey which is also below the Canadian border!