Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Remote

1500W, 120 VAC

Watts = Volts times Amps…so…

1500W/120VAC= 12.5 amps.

Be wary when plugging these in to overused circuits! Note this draw would be a little different, as most homes dont see a full 120. Please dont use an extension cord. Please dont ever use this off a power strip. You could D.I.A.F.

better than the heating unit sold on woot a while back that was meant for vehicles mounted on your dashboard. Only way to power that was a car charger. Not as practical as this since home use is more useful. To be fair, if you turn on your car to power the radio and windows, but not the engine, the car ceramic heating unit would hafve its use

I Have a different model of this heater and I love it. It will heat up my bedroom 20-30 degrees in 10-15 minutes. Im in for 1 (maybe 2)

FWIW, all electric heaters have the same efficiency. That includes in-wall, baseboard, space heaters, even whole-house electric heat systems. Why? Because the only losses are due to heat. That’s fine, it’s a heater.

If you compare it to gas or steam heat, that’s a different story.

I guess it could be argued this doesn’t include radiant heaters, since they don’t actually heat the space. And it definitely doesn’t include heat pumps.

Still using one of those old oil space heater, this will be a nice upgrade.


If it’s anything like the model I have (which is virtually identical, but just a couple years old and looks very slightly different) it is surprising how much of a NON-fire hazard it is. It’s weird, but it really doesn’t get that hot. I mean, it’s nothing you should leave unattended just to be safe, but it’s nothing like the old school crap you’re thinking of.

1500W? You better hope the wiring inside your walls can handle that kind of current draw for extended periods of time. Otherwise, you’re liable to be a David Byrne lyric statistic.

Good Deal
Here is the Manufacturer Web Page for this Heater
Retail Price is $59.99
Nice Woot

By the way, Thermostat in this unit is completely inaccurate .

Waiting around for Saturday’s kickoff event eh? Me too.
Headed up there tomorrow actually.

As for me, I got one of the heaters. This will work quite nice in my bedroom which is at the opposite end of my house than my natural gas ventless freestanding fireplace.

Does it sense the room temperature, or its own temperature?

Most heaters have the thermostat built-in and shut off when the heater gets hot. Not any good for maintaining the room temperature!

this is very helpful. thanks. i live in an old building with a reaaaly old electrical “situation”… i’ll make sure to plug it into it’s own circuit with no extension chord :slight_smile:

if you stare at the screen and let your eyes unfocus, you’ll see a ‘IIII’ instead of an ‘IV.’ Ludacris.

Haha, cold here in VT too… Warming up though (weird that right now it’s warmer than it was all day yesterday… and I think Wed. too)… We’re at 10 with -6 wind chill right now.

I don’t know what desert you live in, but California deserts can get pretty chilly after dark.

It looks like most have good luck and like it - but there seem to be a clump with bad thermostats - that just shut down.

Five year warranty is great, but what is the procedure for returns?

We use oil-filled radiators, and like them. (Lakewood, still assembled in the US!.) What they can’t do, however, is heat large areas quickly or thoroughly. For that you need a fan-forced heater, so I’m in for two - just for limited use in the basement and to warm my legs here at the computer…

Is Honeywell a good company?..

Does this have a fan on it to circulate the air, or is it just a radiant heater?

Other than being Canadian, yes.