Honeywell Ceramic Heater with Remote

I actually bought this from Target about two months ago and it already took a dump. I say “dump” becuase I don’t know if I can say “CRAP”

Sweet, global warming just saved me 35 bucks…doh!

Save about $10 over Amazon. Looks like a good woot.

Just remember to use the remote to pre-warm the room before it is needed.

We have been using this heater for over a month now, it is a powerful little heater. I wanted to get a ceramic heater because I read they are the safest space heaters you can buy. This is important because you here a lot of horror stories of space heaters causing fires. The heater has three settings low, high and auto(ranging from 900-1500 watts of electrical power). On the low setting the heater puts out 900 watts. We usually use it on auto where you set the handy digital thermostat to a set temp. and the unit maintains that temperature, you can either set it on the unit or by using the handy included remote control. I was surprised to see how well this unit heats about a 220 square foot space. I would recommend this unit with confidence, my only issue with the unit is do not expect it to save you money over other space heaters i.e. oil filled electric radiators. My electric bill seems to have gone up using this heater over a previous oil filled electric unit by the same manufacturer. I will say, that this unit does heat the room much better then the previous unit, largely due to the fan dispersing the heat.

damnation, i could really use this too, basement is freezing at night. sadly, if i were to plug this in i’m pretty sure i’d be constantly tripping the circuit breaker that is already powering my 3 consoles, pc, lcdtv, and audio equipment.

if you need a heater this is a good heater . we use one in florida to heat a 12x16 room .
keeps the room cozy . in the winter months .used it for over a year now ! and we payed twice what woot is asking for it !

I’ll take it.

Non-froogle comparison

Dang. And I really wanted to spend some money tonight… Dont really need a heater…

This one doesn’t seem to have an auto shut-off if it gets too hot, which scares me a bit. Also, it’s pretty obviously not a cool touch one. There’s a model at Wal-mart that has temperature control and auto shut off as well as an auto trip if it gets too hot. Plus, my cats can sit in front of it without burning their skin off if they touch it. This one, while the remote control is nice, scares me a bit with the thought of my kitties rubbing up against the grill. I hate to say it, but I’ll pass on this one woot. Can we have a woot-off soon though? I’m actually finally in the market for a leakfrog (Got a new washer for Christmas!)!!

OMG @tahoebob1. That was the funniest thing I’ve read all week! Thanks for the literal LOL !!! OMG

Wow, almost in time for spring!

October, woot. OCTOBER!

/would have bought three

what if i live in Hawaii?

Hey, gotta give ;thumbsup: to the pod cast. Very funny.

Can someone who has this please provide the thermostat setting range?

Google “oil-filled radiator”… the oil gets warm/hot, and stays that way. They provide better heating, use FAR less energy, are difficult to get burned by, don’t start fires, and don’t blow fuses/breakers.

I’m a Minnesota native. I’ve tried them all. Oil-filled is the way to go.

That’s maybe the funniest description I’ve ever seen here.

I have one of these (a ceramic heater, not this particular model) and it does the best job of any portable heater I’ve ever used for warming a small playroom in my basement where the computer desk is. Rather than worry about overheating the carpet, I just put it on a square glass brick I got at the home-improvement megastore for $3. I don’t consider this price to be all that great, however.

I doubt it… I have something that is almost identical to this, I think they just changed the look a bit since I bought it a few years back (for I think $35-40 at Walmart). You might be able to get some no name brand for this price at Walgreens, but this is a quality heater.

… All that said, it’s a decent device, but don’t think you’re going to cheaply heat a room with it. It’s good for setting up near your computer desk if you get cold at work sometimes, etc. Set it like the thermostat so it kicks off and on when the right temp is reached.

Pretty good buy, but no thanks Woot!, I’ve got one.