Honeywell FC100A1037 Replacement Filter

It’s also on a timer.

Deep down I suspected it, but I have now confirmed that this was indeed the cleverest of ruses on the part of Woot to build me up with excitement only to bring me back down again with a masterfully executed chokeslam to the pavement.

For once in life everything was coming up muggins, but alas.

Woot here with some bad news: we’re unable to completely fulfill your order and are issuing a refund to your account ASAP.

Will it work on my computer to filter my comments and search results?

Yeah, I noticed when it came up for sale the second time that something was wrong. It wasn’t a repeat sale bc the features/photos were different. We screwed up and sold the same inventory twice. Blargh. We suck.

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Woot is becoming an airline now?


I’m sorry for your loss. Did they provide a sympathy coupon?