Honeywell HEPAClean™ 3-in-1 Tower Air Purifier

**Item: **Honeywell HEPAClean? 3-in-1 Tower Air Purifier
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Here are some reviews from Home Depot (3.8ish stars)

More good reviews from Best Buy

need some replacement filters? Check out the

Think of this as a “jack of all trades, master of none” air cleaner.

For the same price range, you can get units with a better CADR and more dedicated air cleaning functions (True HEPA).

Would probably work well for dust and odors that are temporary in nature such as cooking and pet smells.

The bottom line being this is not a serious air cleaner, but it does a little bit of everything so you don’t lose out in the end.

Thanks for this comment. I am looking for a filter for my living room area. Is there one your would recommend? The living room is connected to the kitchen and I have pets and a toddler. Which true HEPA filter would your reccommend? I also want to put a filter in the bedrooms.

Depends on what you are trying to solve. If it’s just general odors and large dust, anything with either activated carbon or an ozone-free ionizer and a dust filter will work. Sharp Plasmacluster comes to mind.

If you have medical needs for particulate free air, get something with True HEPA or even Hyper HEPA. These units cost more, the filter replacements are expensive, but they work in a very raw and mechanical fashion by pulling air through a filter. The best on the market would probably be an IQAir filter, but those run around $800-$1200.

Whatever you buy, keep in mind that the CADR rating is at the HIGHEST fan setting, which unfortunately is often the loudest setting as well. Also, the rated square footage of a unit is assuming you have standard 8ft ceilings and some way to isolate the room. If you have vaulted ceilings and an open layout, then the unit won’t perform as rated, but will work given enough time and enough air circulation.

Honestly, though, if you have a central air system, then just get 3M Filtrete furnace filters, run the fan on the ON setting for continuous, and change the filters often. This provides a more whole-house effect since most furnace blowers are pushing at least 800-1000 CFM and you’re already used to the noise of it running.

These portable units are really only useful for closed areas like the bedroom, nursery, study, etc. Some of the more bulky filters like Austin Air or Airpura can process up to 2000 sq. ft, but will be very loud while running.

I would stay away from Oreck

Picked up a great deal on one that had great reviews from the allergy site. Go there and see what will suit you best.

There is a single review on Amazon but it got a 5-star rating and the search also shows filters are available for the lowly cost of $9 from Amazon.

Amazon Honeywell HHT-149

[MOD: The white one has a few more reviews]

  • $5 shipping

I have owned mine for a year and wouldn’t buy again. Very loud! Also you can see the dust coming through the cracks on the display. Not sealed will of the way and filters and bulb $$$

Just doing a search, this doesn’t seem to be any type of sale. A newer model is available on Amazon for 179. But there are at least ten other options for right at this price.

Consumer Reports gives this a really low rating - 38. The top one is rated a 74. CR links to a long-gone Ammy page that has over 200 user ratings of this model that average 2.5 Interesting that’s gone and there’s a page now with a lone user rating.

With info like that I’d stay very far away - but wait, there’s more! Honeywell has been bought out by a Massachusetts company called Kaz and the quality of their products has gone down the tubes. Warranty service will cost you return shipping plus $10 “warranty fee” and I’m not even sure who pays the shipping back to you. Bear that in mind if you live on the West Coast! I used to like their fans. I bought one in June that lasted three weeks then found out exactly what their “warranty” means – in this case more than the item cost.

Going by the comments this does not sound like a good deal.
I have had several different air puifiers over the years. I started out with an ionic breeze which I found worked pretty well. The first ionic breeze died and I bought a second one and the design changed and it didn’t seem to work as well. I then bought these cheap ones from ebay that didn’t work at all. Then I bought an Oreck Which I still have now. It is not all that great. The fan is actually noisy so you have to keep it on low and at that speed it does not work as well as it does on high. Also it is a pain to clean. Also the hard water ruined the filter that you clean so I already had to buy another one of those.

The filter I have been looking at lately is

Does anyone know what type of air purifier you’d need if you suspect you might have an asbestos ceiling? Does anyone know any solid tests you can do without paying for an “expert” to come in to tell me that my popcorn ceiling will kill me later in life with mesothelioma …or how ever you spell it? I hate the fact that buildings with asbestos still exist.

“Permanent filter never needs replacing…” innit?

Buildings with asbestos still exist because the average life a building far exceeds the time that asbestos building materials were banned. And because building owners dont want to pay for “experts” to remove the stuff. And who can blame them, its very expensive.
But to answer your question, there’s no filter that can help you with asbestos. And if you want to get it tested you can save some money by sampling it yourself and bringing it to a qualified lab. Just scrape a little into a ziploc bag. However, that probably won’t help much because if your ceiling has asbestos then there’s a very good chance that other building materials have it too(wall panels, floor tile, insulation, etc.) so just taking care of the ceilings will not remove all the asbestos from your home. I think Asbestos was banned in '78 so if your building is older than that there’s a chance you might have it. If it was built after that then you don’t have asbestos.
The good news is that asbestos is only harmful when it is disturbed and particles are released into the air. So if you don’t mess with it, it won’t hurt you. The best thing you can do is leave it alone. If it starts to deteriorate or if you ever have to remove it for any reason, call the experts.

Thank you for sharing

Careful with the Filtrete filters. They are murder on your central air system due to their restrictive nature. You would be better off with a box fan and a Filtrete filter taped to it and keep a less restrictive filter in your central air system.

Media filters, particularly Honeywell “Return Grille” filters are a much better bet if you want your central air system to help with the air cleaning. They have larger pleats, and are built to allow a 4" filter to mount in a normal 1" filter spot (if you have the room behind the return to accomodate it). It will flow more air than standard 1" pleated filters with less pressure on your expensive A/C system than Filtrete. They are a little more expensive than Filtrete, but they last a lot longer and won’t cause a huge repair bill.