Honorary Space Cadet



http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Hahahah… I know a few people who could use this.


Wearing this shirt would make me feel like I rode the short bus to school, so no, not in for any …


I was excited when I saw the title, being a space programme nerd… but, not a fan of this design. Next, please.


Interesting design. I’ll be sitting this one out though.


what’s a ‘Space Cadex’?

(yes i know it says Cadet but i wouldn’t have thought it unless otherwise noted)


What if you’re an actual space cadet? I’m not, though.

Congratulations Derek. You’ve got some very interesting stuff on your website too.


Although, I must say… the text looks like it says “Cadex” at a quick glance.

Dailies… whatchagonnado. I appreciate the humor, but not enough to cough up the cash.


Congrats to the artist! But I would like an urban shirt please. And though aerospace major, I am not a space cadet. Zoom!


Not my style, but congrats on the printing! =)


agreed… I second that.


In for one!

bashers are space cadets in DENIAL


The guy kinda looks like he could be from an episode of Ren and Stimpy. Even though I love that show, the shirt’s a little too tweaked out for my likes.


This shirt could end up being the daily with the highest percentage of purchases by people who intend to give it to someone else.

Not that such a thing can be tracked, but still…


Appreciated, but not necessary. Woot prints the top 3 of the derby, and that’s just how it is. No worries, all is still good. :slight_smile:


ROFL Grats on the print Derek! Absolutely funny. I used to call one of my bosses this, and my hubby is contemplating one!


Whoa. Not the best shirt I’ve seen on here, just weird, and not a good weird.

Beware of the random shirt, people - this is the one you’re gonna get!


i second that… so many of the 4th place chomps( i know its a stretch but champs, chimps, and chumps are already taken) i loved. can i request that the 4th place be allowed to purchase… it doesnt even have to have its own day… you can throw it straight to $15 reckoning list… i would pay for more of the past 4th place shirts than not… just a thought…


On a side note, maybe woot picks shirts like this so they can still try to be funny in the product description. I want a artsy shirt that doesn’t scream woot only sells funny shirts. (That aren’t funny. You’ve got my parents saying it’s bad when I tell them everything is going accordion to plan. That’s bad taste my friends.)