Hoodie (all kinds) Sizing

I really want to order some hoodies, but it doesn’t seem like the sizes go small enough to correlate with the smaller women’s sizes. How come there aren’t any options for us small ladies? The sleeve length alone extends inches past the tips of my fingers. Just way too big! =( Am I missing something? Thanks!

Unfortunately, we don’t have many size options for the smaller ladies. I, too, wear the smallest size in hoodies and still feel like I’m swimming in them. I’ll definitely let the shirt crew know that it’s not just me looking for smaller sizes. :slight_smile:

tiny lady with man hands. an interesting silhouette, imma sure.

Wait, manhandsha is female? I guess I should’ve figured that out, really.

That’s where the “ha” comes in.

… where does the man come?

Hand over mouth, gritting teeth – no, no, cannot answer that.

~snerk~ must…resist…