Hoodie Season Draws Nigh!

Loving the Grim Readers Book Club Zip Hoodie… wish there was a zip for Aiming for Excellence. Hint hint wink wink.

Let me know when you have Cloak of Visibility as a pullover hoodie. I may just have to break my budget for that one!

Shouldn’t the Aiming for Excellence one say “Miss by a Parsec”?

I was excited to see an Unstealthiest Ninja Hoodie - and then realized it was only available in pull-over.

oh well - maybe next time.

If they change this because of your post, I shall have to ask for an exchange, because you are correct sir.


Siriusly mr. And mrs. Woot, whats with the lockdown on the type of hoodie. Im lazy, zipping is not in my vocabulary. Mesh shorts flip flops and hoodies. No need to make things complicated. Please please please let me choose pullover or zip as an option when all the hoodies are available!!! I love you, but i may need some alone time till i get the hoodie i want as a pullover…

Yes, hint hint wink wink

Love the idea, can’t wait until you can buy all designs in pullover hoodies. Hoodie.woot.com sounds like a winner to me :slight_smile: