Hoodie Season Nears...

Hooray for Hoodies!

One can never have too many hoodies; unfortunately, I am not big on any of these designs.

Hey Woot, can we see more sales like this one, over the course of the next few months? PLEASE!!

I agree (I have a lot of Woot hoodies) but I need more options for zip up!

OH MAN- Discworld or Hitchhiker’s guide- This is IMPOSSIBLE… (or improbable…)

Love all of these! However, being tall, I have found that woot hoodies are too short in the torso for me. Any chance an option for longer versions of your apparel might be offered some day? Extended length hoodies and longer women’s shirts would make my day!


Is the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in metallic ink like the t-shirt?

I’ll have to ask the shirt staff. I’ll update this post when I find out.

UPDATE: Yes, it will be metallic.

These are the heavier weight hoodies, correct? Not the ‘same thickness as a tee’ ones?

Correct. Gildan G185 (or 18500) for the pullover, G186 (or 18600) for the zip up.

OMG!!! I am a Wizard of OZ junkie and that hoodie shall be mine!! Because the only thing better than Oz is Oz mixed with Studio Ghibli. It’s killing me cause that Canvas in the other sale shall be mine too. I’m gonna be broke this month. Curse you Woot!!!(not really, please reprint the Oz inspired designs anytime!)

I need money! Hitchhiker, Weeping Angel, Exercise, Shiny… my checkbook is dying here! Glad to hear they are the thicker material - I love my ninja zip, but “so much snow, soon” and all that.

Great sale!

Woot! I live in teh soutwest, hoodie season is very, very far away. Where are the v-necks? I could & would sneak any of these designs in on casual Fridays as a vneck.

Never mind - question already answered.

If only you could offer all of them in both pullover and zip… I was excited for the pangalactic gargle blaster until I clicked on it and realized it was a zip.

JUST FINISHED (literally, last night) watching Firefly and Serenity on NF, and then I see the SHINY design here. It must be a sign!

Just checked out the design again, and a bit dismayed at the characters NOT included…

Oooo, and it’s brown!!

Loving the Early Grey Hot hoodie! Huge Picard fan! Woot! can you get one of the Picard Vineyard and Winery hoodies next :-)?

is the enlightenment zip hoodie from anything?? i feel like i’m missing something haha. and is the whole design glow in the dark??

i’m thinking of breaking my years long “boycott” since the switch over from AA but gotta make sure it’s worth the steep 30 bucks :slight_smile:

No particular reference and it’s all GITD.

I’m not really a hoodie person, but I would love some of these designs as tech tees! Particularly the exercise one