Hoodie Season Nears...

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to get a hoodie version of “Wizard of Awws”. The tee is one of my favorites!

I am one happy lady right now. Hoorah!

No wash on the shiney hoodie… Right in the feels.

These hoodies seem rather expensive. What brand are they?

I agree these are too expensive. Plus it’s white, no way it would last long to be worth spending $30 on the DW one.

My kingdom for zip-up hoodies in women’s sizes. I really want the Octopus, but know from experience that it’s going to be thigh-length with batwing sleeves even in a medium.

That being said, regarding the price, they’re actually excellent quality. If I paid $30 for the one I own in a store, it would be a fair-to-good price. The material is thick and resistant to pilling, the zippers are metal and sturdy, and the printing is bright and clean.

Now is the winter of our discount hoodies.