Hoodie you think you are?!

I would totally buy the zelda zip hoodie if it had a small fairy (navi preferably) on the front.

That’s a pretty cool idea! Now that we have ochopika working for us, maybe we can make it happen, she has to do what we tell her, you see. Maybe not in time for this round though :frowning:

All me

Is there anyone get the hoodie already? Why does it take so long to be shipped out?

It looks like you ordered on 11/17- we should be shipping out hoodies within 3-5 business days from ordering, so hopefully yours ships soon! To manage your expectations though: we do ship our stuff from Shirt.Woot by SmartPost, the default shipping method (FedEx Overnight if you pick the $5 upgrade) - which is also fairly slow.

I’ve searched here and shirt.woot.com, but I can’t find any guide as to what these shirts/hoodies actually are. Specifically, I was wondering about the weight/fit/etc of the zip hoodie v. the jersey zip. Anyone know where I might find that info?

Edit: I found these sizing charts, but I still don’t know about the material weight?


So, the zip hoodies are heavier weight, like a normal sweatshirt. The jersey hoodies are basically zip-up long sleeve tshirts. Hope that helps!

So, 10oz?

I got a zip hoodie and it was like a long sleeve t-shirt, very disappointing.

awesome, i love these