Hoodless Sweatshirts

Wow, some of my favorite designs are in there, but… I really really really prefer my sweatshirt to have a hood. Wouldn’t want an embarrassing panic attack in public because I can’t find my hood… :-/

I require a hood as well as a pouch pocket.

Donut panic, I’m sure that some motivation is required to wear your hoodless hoodie while they’re watching you binge out in public while reading the pamphlet on the University of Wikipedius that suddenly came out of no where.

I’ve been wanting some popover sweatshirts, but I’d like other designs. Would buy eventually :smiley:

Ah, sweaters. I feel I have the perfect music to put people in the sweater buying mood:

Won’t you be my neighbor

I know his zips up, but something about sweaters makes me think of this song.

Are these more like the long-sleeve tees, or an actual sweater (ie, hoodie without the hood), in terms of thickness, warmth, feel, etc.?

Pictures, please? Or at least blanks info? Are these Gilden or Anvil, something else?

I love Donut Panic! but the lack of a hood is a deal breaker.

My guess is Gildan, who’s the supplier for the fleece hoodies.

I do have to say that to be priced at the same as the hoodies, the value aspect is not as strong. It would’ve been much more than justifiable if they opted for the heavier 80/20 or ring spun 75/25 instead, though.

Well played, sir.

Crew neck sweatshirts? Awesome! I’ve been looking for something to go with my mom jeans.

No, I don’t think you understand. I really do need a hood and a cozy hand pocket is required.

I agree with the other posts, I see some of my favorites and three designs that I would jump at the chance to have as a non-zip hoodie.

I want them all! Crewneck>Hoodie all day, every day.

Much like the random shirt sale, no 3XL available, so as much as I would like to purchase some of my favorite shirt designs on these quality sweatshirts, I am unable to.
Very sad.

No offense intended, but I was in the same boat when I first started buying shirts from woot, the 2x was too small but the 3x was too big. the motivation to be able to wear a 2x woot shirt got me into exercising and a much better diet.

I’m now able to wear a 2x shirt and hoodie comfortably (the AA shirts, not the new blanks (which aren’t as skin friendly, and shrink mucho) and now close to an xl :slight_smile:

Hey now. Some of us have long hair that we like to wear down. Hoodies ruin that.

Wish the Wiki U design came in a darker background. I simply don’t trust myself not to stain a sweater that light. XD

Would buy two of these, but…no hood? No deal. :frowning: Unfortunate.