Hook & Ladder - Three Pack



Hook & Ladder - Three Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2006 “Third Alarm” Zinfandel
1 2007 Merlot Russian River Valley
1 2006 Orsi Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley
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Do you think this is Jammie or dry?



Have some fond memories of Russian River wines, but haven’t had these, yet.

Surprised at the lack of early comments. Is everyone asleep already?


Would love to lab rat one of these!


Squeak! Would <3 to rat!


Are these varietals each 100% or do they have some other grapes added to the blend?


Can’t wait to hear the rat reviews considering there is no tasting info whatsoever on any of these on CT.

I’ve been a fan of Dry Creek wines lately, though, so I am hopeful! Though having just broken 300 bottles I need more wine like I need a hole in my head, good reviews could certainly sway me.


Let me see if I’ve got this right…low pH ~3.42-ish and 14.5% alcohol. So we’re talking more food friendly wines, a little less fruit driven?


Courtesy of CJ:

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Whether a wine is dry or not does not necessarily dictate whether it is jammy. It can be both or neither. These wines are fully dry, but with the fairly high ABV, my guess is that they’ll be fruit-forward, if not jammy.


Must submit to my half-Jewish heritage and ask, are these Kosher?


There is a sandwich shop too far from me in Boulder that was started by firemen called Firehouse Subs. They put together a pretty decent sandwich. I don’t think the sandwiches age very well, however.


Any relation to Smith & Hook?


Nice TA (almost 7) and pH (< 3.5). Natural or acidified?

I wouldn’t put too much weight on that 14.5% ABV. All three are labeled at 14.5%, and it’s unlikely all 3 would have an identical ABV. I’d treat these as 14%-16% given the 1.5% error permitted.


well I have never heard of them but what the heck, it’s a crappy Monday I may as well take a chance.


I’m a fan of Hook & Ladder ever since I found them at a wine tasting. I had the cab at a steakhouse last week and it was excellent. Not too big. I’m excited to try the rest of their lineup.


in for 3! Have really enjoyed the Hook & Ladder cabs we’ve had in the past. Happy to be a first-time rat!


how well will these wines pair with spam and pickled quail eggs?


We had this Cabernet at a local place called “Hook and Ladder”. They carry this wine as their “house” wine since the name is the same.

My recollection was that it was not a real fruit forward wine. A nice well integrated wine. I would have liked to aerate or decant, and it was clearly better after an hour as we were finishing the meal and the bottle.

I have not had the other two wines.