Hookahs and eHookahs

As someone who smokes 3-4 times a week, I would avoid these cheap Chinese made hookah’s like the plague (bad draw, propensity to rust). If you can, spend up a little to get something made in Egypt, or spend a bit more for a reputable Chinese made brand like MYA. The MYA QT is highly regarded in the community as being the best small or low cost hookah.

The “eHookah” is just an e-cig that you can get for under $20…

I agree with this 100%. My Egyptian made Hookah only gets used a couple times a year at this point, but it has held up and drawn well for almost 30 years now.

These are some of the worst hookahs ever. Don’t waste your money. They will rust in no time. Make sure you always buy one that’s copper, brass or stainless steel.

I am sorry to have to ask this, but I must. Are these just used as bongs for weed, or are people smoking tobacco with them?
I am old and out of touch with modern fads, but I’m imagining some guy with skinny jeans and a handlebar mustache on a scooter riding up, pulling one of these out, and getting “annoyed” when a cop moseys up and asks why he’s smoking a bong in public. He would love the attention and say indignantly: “it’s a HOOKA officer!”

These are just for weed, right?

These are used for tobacco, shisha or the flavored liquid being sold here, too.

I would highly suggest never trying to smoke anything other than shisha (sugar soaked tobaccos) out of a hookah. With weed, the resin will coat the entire length of your downstem from the bowl, and also the hose, after which youll get flakes coming through with every pull. Dry tobacco will burn up too quickly and cause very harsh smoke to come through, and youre supposed to be taking very deep breaths, so harsh is definitely not ideal.

Hookahs themselves are great in small groups, a single hose will allow one person to smoke and two or three others time to talk between their turns while still maintaining a nicotine buzz. I would suggest springing for a Mya brand as well, or if you like more traditional/artsy rigs, you could search online for a Khalil Mamoon. Or check your local headshops! I know a nearby shop that has local glass blowers who make their own vases that fit Mya downstems…

Though in the longrun these other brands will be worth the while (and the pricetag), if youre unsure abouth the whole thing, you could buy one of these cheapos just to see if you like the experience… youll need shisha (50 gram box will allow you a few bowls full, resulting in a couple hours of smoking in total) and youll also need hookah coals, and a small square of tin foil. If you have questions, there are forums out there for beginners, and im sure some lovely wooters would be glad to assist.

Happy smoking!

Just imagine what that resin coating will do for your lungs. Sign up for Obama care so I and other tax payers can bust our tails to subsidize your future lung cancer treatments. Woo-hoo - weed good - tobacco bad!!!

E-hookahs - ahhh, better living through chemistry. Those Chinese chemists have mixed up some good stuff to ingest. Just ignore the burning rivers downstream of the labs. Enjoy!!

Today’s deal on headshop.woot.com


Is woot gonna sell Zig Zags next?

30 some odd years too late.

Well, darn. I finally find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, but it doesn’t look like it will ship in time. Guess I will just have to go with flowers and chocolates instead.

Much cheaper on their web-site…

Thanks for clearing that up, my view was cynical, I thought this was just a sneaky way to sell a bong. Now I see it’s a real thing.
I am out of touch.

I’m not sure why you felt the need to bash all smokers, or to bash me directly (while misquoting me). I happen to be quite active around my smoking habits, which do not include weed for your information, and afford my own healthcare as well. Your stereotyping is quite unnecessary, and quite unfounded even. If you don’t enjoy smoking, don’t do it. Just don’t try to bother those that do… unless they’re blowing it in your grille

I completely understand the cynicism, as I was quite wary when I was first introduced. It’s mostly a tool for a social smoker, get togethers, celebrations. Like a cigar. Except if used right, you don’t actually burn the tobacco, it more resembles vaporizing the sugar/glycerin/honey it is soaked in.


I bought a junky hookah like this from a headshop for $25, instant regret. Bought a Syrian Nour off a different source for about $100, plus all the nifty little accessories. You definitely need coals and a hot plate, and decent tobacco, like Starbuzz, and there seems to be an organic market for shisha too.
The real handmade deal is an art piece. Easier to upgrade too if you want a better style bowl and better hoses. +1 for anything Khalil Mamoon, have one of their $25 hoses and it rocks

Hookah, best way to smoke your pot. I have a 4 hose hookah for parties, though it gets used every weekend at least.

Ordered a chocolate eHookah for a diabetic friend. Maybe they will like it; maybe i am the devil. :smiley: