Well this was going to be my first woot in almost a year. But they are a little big (I am a man so I like them a little more subtle).

The 30mm ones are a maybe, but without a model for them I really cant get perspective on how they would look in my ears.

Although I am happy to keep my “not buying from woot” streak up.

I am terrible with dimensions, especially on woot.

What do the measurements represent? Is 50mm length? Diameter? Something else? Would it be possible to get a photo or something to show a size comparison?

If you go to the specs tab you’ll see actual measurements. 50mm refers to the diameter in millimeters, which is about 2 inches.

I was really hoping we’d see the Jeremy Lin basketball show up here


I believe there is 5cm in 2" & 50 mm in 2"…so if 30…around 1\4sz diamond…is my guess…trying to fig out wear 30 came in???

If u ever watch QVC measure…they measure the widest part…so through the middle… straight across…is what I’m thinking…lol …I think😊