Hoover Air Cordless 2in1 Stick/Handheld Vacuum

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Vacuums. They really suck.

“Runtime: 15 Minutes
Charge Time: 9 Hours”

To me that reads that it takes 9 hours to charge the vacuum and it’ll only work for 15 minutes…

Either (1) I’m not understanding it properly; (2) it’s a typo or (3) just means that cordless vacuum’s aren’t the way to go.

This is from a response from Hoover on their product page:♂
Response from Hoover:
Kenya · Customer Care · a month ago
Hi HEM31! We appreciate your feedback. On a full 9 hour charge you should expect a run time between 12-15 minutes. If you find you need a bit more time to complete your cleaning, there is an option to purchase an extra battery or an extended run time battery. The extended run time option will afford you 25 minutes of continuous run time. It is available here: http://bit.ly/1SwLiKG. The standard battery is available here: http://bit.ly/1RQpnj9. Hope this helps!

I have the model before this. It is not made for heavy whole house cleaning. it’s definitely only for one room or spot cleaning.

Runs about 15 minutes, takes about an hour to charge. Not sure where this 9 hours is coming from.

Cheaper to get it from Newegg.com. Free shipping and no tax - at least for me. Exactly $59.99


Got this a few months back (new). As previously mentioned, it’s definitely not a vacuum designed for cleaning a large home. With that said, it’s got some pretty serious suction for a vacuum this size, and I’d highly recommend it for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, or for a “quick cleaning” unit.

Build quality is decent, but it’s very “plasticy”. It certainly doesn’t have the super-sturdy feeling of a high-end vacuum. On the other hand, its plastic body makes it quite light, and it’s very maneuverable.

Charging is pretty slow; I think it takes mine 4 or 5 hours to go from empty to full (I’ve never timed it). 15 minutes of continuous use is more than enough time for cleaning a 2 br apartment though, especially given how quick and maneuverable it is. I usually can get 2 full cleanings before I need to charge it.

I’d recommend it, especially at this price.

Bought the 18 volt Rowenta for 89 last time they were up. It can and does run for 30 to 40 minutes depending on the speed you set it at.
It also is not for whole house cleaning but definitely has good suction and will pick up small stuff and groom our carpet pretty well, it however does not have a removable battery or the option to add a XL battery.
If you guys want a small similar unit that has better run time watch for it to come back around.
Been pretty happy with it so far and use it to touch up the traffic areas and the messes my Parrot makes between breaking out the big power head vacuum we have.

Been watching the sales here and elsewhere to see if another reasonably priced version shows up and this one is the first somewhat similar one, however it is quite a bit cheaper and depending on how much the bigger battery sells for might be a great option for just fast touch ups for many folks. Ours says it takes 8 hours or longer to charge too but most times it charges way faster as it isn’t totally dead before recharging.