Hoover Bath Exhaust Fan, White Finish

question - since I already bought something today, couldn’t keep it in the cart and now I buy this how can I get this shipped with the Bissel spot remover without an additional $5? Need an answer pretty quick, don’t need the fan but at that price will put it on the shelf for when I do.

nope, policy changed, as soon as the cart is empty new shipping is added

They used to allow you to ship everything in a 24 hour period for $5 but they stopped doing it. Now it’s $5 per transaction.

thanks. takes some of the fun out of the wootoff.

In for 2.

It took until the 24th for this seller to ship. What the heck is up with that? Woot needs to let us know who the sellers are so we may choose not to buy from them.

Total trash. One already died.

Sorry for the problem. They have a 5-year warranty so you should contact them.