Hoover Bath Fans - Your Choice

**Item: **Hoover Bath Fans - Your Choice
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Well, this sucks!

Ahem… Blows*.

Edit: Wait. I think I’m a stupidface.

The picture with the “globe” appears to have a white/chrome/bronze appearing choice. I don’t see a “satin nickel” as advertised. Is the coloring just really crummy, or is there an error in the description?

The original is great[youtube=VSaDPc1Cs5U][/youtube] but my personal favorite will always be homer [youtube=7fnmhj58o0k][/youtube]

Is this powerful enough to deal with the aftermath of Taco Bell?

Good question. After reaching out to the buyer, it sounds like there are actually 4 options for the interchangeable finishes. The dark one in the picture with the 3 is the bronze. The set also includes a brushed nickel finish, which is not pictured.

The specs should be updated to reflect this.

Good catch, thanks for posting!

Bam! Pow! Possibly the best write-up ever!

4 sones is really loud. 2 sones is ok. They don’t move much air. I would use one in a small bath only.

How Hoover is this Hoover? They’ve never heard of it over at hoover.com – although amazon.com has 'em.

I was trying to find a manual to try and figure out how big the output was, and discovered a significant lack of documentation.

I must be tired- even though I knew it was Woot, the write up took me a minute to get. Great write up!

You know…I think Woot may have become a dumping ground for Amazon…

I’ve installed 3 “3” sone units in my home, pulling 70 CFM. Even at 3 sones the fans make a decent amount of noise. Enough to hear it through the adjoining wall when someone is in the other bathroom. A 4 sone unit it considerably louder, and I believe the loudest you can get nowadays is 6 sone.
As for suction a 70 CFM unit can hold a piece of tissue paper loosely while running without falling to the ground.
The most expensive fan on here is a pretty good deal if you’re looking for a globe style, as they tend to start ~ $80 from your local hardware store.

Calling 4 sones “quiet” has caused me to lose respect for this woot.

Mine is completely dead and I don’t have the money right now. That truly blows.

If anyone’s going to be doing any dumping it’s going to be me underneath this fan.

Wikipedia’s chart regarding sone sound level states:

TV set at home level @ 1 meter away = ~ 4 sones. That’s pretty darn loud!

Sone on Wikipedia

what are the dementions?

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