Hoover Bath Fans - Your Choice

Here is a CFM sizing chart

I’ve decided not to purchase since 70CFM won’t do enough work.

Every bath fan that I’ve ever wired up has been that way (light and fan can be operated individually), but keep in mind that you will need to have 2 switches and the appropriate wire ran (14-3 or 12-3). May be more trouble than it’s worth if you’re trying to tie this into existing wiring.

I’d throw in an extra $20 for someone to just come over and install it for me. Sounds complex.

Wonder if I can install one in the roof of my Audi A8L in order to keep out some of the Louisiana heat! argh! Hey, I’m kidding. However, I do have pictures of a single cab pickup truck with a window unit installed in the rear cab window. I guess when he saw “window unit” on box, he figured 2+2=5 so why not.

+1 HA HA