Hoover Floorcare: Double-O Clean

Why is the Dual Power “carpet cleaner” being displayed so proudly on a hardwood floor?

I bought a Hoover last time they were on Woot. Mine was much more red than grey. They are using the same pictures this time. Wonder if it is the same case.

It’s because the owner of that Hoover carpet cleaner saved so much money using it to clean their carpet versus renting a Rug Doctor or hiring a carpet cleaning service, they were able to save up and upgrade to hardwood on their entire first floor. The picture shows the new hardwood and the Hoover on it’s way to clean the carpet in the upstairs media room. They have a little time off to do some cleaning because their friend cancelled on their weekly bridge game. The room needs it, too. Bob invited all his friends over last week to watch the big game there, and the dog has been sick from eating dandelions.