Hoover Max Extract Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner

Check out some Video Instructions

Time to check out the product page

I need the dust filter for this.

Is the RM portion of the model name referring to refurb? If so, it’s $30 cheaper on eBay

Reviews over at Home Depot

And free shipping as well.


Morning all. This is FACTORY RECONDITIONED. The sale has been updated. Sorry for the confusion.

A google search seems to show a $69.99 price on eBay, but they are really quite a bit more expensive than here when you click on the link. Like $189.

Well,I bought one yesterday and looked 3 times at the wording and no where did it say factory reconditioned. If this thing does not look and work like brand spanking new when I pull it out of the box, I will be sending it back and wanting a full refuind. I am getting sick of this crap woot.

Arrived with no tools and a broken wheel. Totally unacceptable. First and last purchase from Woot.

Also, did not say Factory Reconditioned when I ordered. Not happy. Surprised Amazon would be associated with this.

Sorry for the trouble, especially since this is your first order. These carpet cleaners have a 6month warranty with Hoover. I’d recommend getting in touch with them to see what can be done.

You’re also welcome to email support@woot.com to get in touch with woot CS. Again, sorry for the disappointment.

No, this was totally false advertising on the part of Woot by not saying it was not a new product. I expect Woot to pick up the product and refund price of product and shipping.